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Hikida - Yeddoer Tageblatt

by H. Keller

Hikida - Yeddoer Tageblatt by H. Keller
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Hikida - Yeddoer Tageblatt by H. Keller

Humourous 'daily paper' in German that appears to be unrecorded. The first page mentions it is actually an annual paper 'but sometimes not'. Edited by a Dr. H. Keller and illustrated by All S. Tadt  (which could be 'Allstaedt') and is dated Tuesday, 5th March, 1889. Decorative front and rear pages. Apparently, it is a so-called carnival newspaper (with not so funny jokes!) issued/printed especially for shrove tuesday (March 5 in 1889), probably on occasion of a Nippon-themed carnival ball/party of a 'Liederkranz', i.e. a men's choir (the full title being 'Liederkranz=Tageblatt'), which most likely was held in a large restaurant/beer-hall named 'Rodensteiner' in Heidelberg. There are some hints in the text. It also contains a programme. The title illustration shows a Japanised (pagodized) view of the Heidelberg Castle and the Neckar Bridge. The name of the illustrator . The reference to 'Yeddo' is - quite the taste at the time - only pictorial and superficial, meaning mainly 'outlandish'. The title 'Hi-ki-da' may just have been chosen for sounding exotic like the café 'Li-ti-ti' mentioned in one of the small pseudo-ads.


Single large sheet folded once (so a 4-page paper).


Yeddo [Tokyo] but probably published in Heidelberg, Germany. 48.4 x 38.6cm (when folded)


Overall good with some chipping and closed tears at edges as well as along folds. Has been folded twice so has crease running down and across the middle. Text clear and easily readable.



Hikida - Yeddoer Tageblatt

Price: ¥132,000

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