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Non-Hasegawa Books

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Calendar for 1911 on crepe paper
by The Shimbi Shoin, 1910
99,000 yen
Calendar for 1911 on crepe paper
by The Shimbi Shoin, 1911
Ceremonial Japan by Dolly Belle
Published by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1896
Eight Japanese Crepe Paper Fairy Tales in original box
Very scarce and obscure Osaka editions, 1900
Fables Choisies de Florian
Matching Two-Volume Pair by Pierre Barboutau, 1895
165,000 yen
Floral Japan by Flora Sweet
The scarcest of Akiyama's large format crepe paper books, 1896
385,000 yen
Forty-Seven Ronin - Crepe Paper Edition
by Tanaka Umesaburo, 1893
Japanese Customs From Ancient to Modern Vol. I
by Kawaura Kenichi, 1896
Japanese Exhibition Catalogue on crepe paper
by Louis Williams, 1896
176,000 yen
Nozawaya Silk-Store, Yokohama - Folded Pamphlet
with woodblock printed crepe paper cover, c1910
The Ord Tale of Tongue Cotted Sparrow [sic]
Very scarce and obscure Osaka edition, 1900
99,000 yen
The Rokkasen
by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1894
132,000 yen
The Russo-Japanese War
Very scarce large format crepe paper book, 1904
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Rare Large Format Crepe Paper Book by Jujiya & Co., 1898
220,000 yen
Wampaku Monogatari Dai I
The first Western children's stories translated into Japanese, 1887

1 - 15 of 15 :