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Westerners in Japan

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Cabinet Card of Luis del Castillo y Frigueros
by Stillfried & Andersen, 1888
88,000 yen
Cabinet Card of Western Man in Jinrikisha
taken by Kozaburo Tamamura, c1890
33,000 yen
CDV of Western Couple by Felice Beato - Dated 1874
on Beato's studio mount, 1874
121,000 yen
CDV of Thomas F. Bate
Assistant Paymaster of HMS 'Iron Duke', 1873
77,000 yen
Large format photo of the Foreign Cemetery Yokohama 1
taken by Kusakabe Kimbei, c1890
99,000 yen
Large format photo of the Foreign Cemetery Yokohama 2
taken by Esaki Reiji, c1890
99,000 yen
Medium format photo of the grave of Captain Barnett
at the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery, c1870
121,000 yen
Medium format photo of George N. Mitchell in rickshaw
Early, uncoloured albumen photo, c1870
77,000 yen
Large format photo of the Shanghai Cricket Club
Taken in Kobe by M. Hiramura, 1895
154,000 yen
Large format photo of Campredor and Adet with Two Japanese Ladies
Superb, hand-coloured albumen photo, c1890
121,000 yen
CDV & Cabinet Card of Horsfall sisters
taken by Ueno Hikoma in Nagasaki, c1885
121,000 yen
CDV of Western Man in Nagasaki
taken by H. Uyeno (Hikoma Ueno), c1875
88,000 yen
Photos of Kobe Recreation Ground and KR&AC Boathouse
Scarce images, 1896
55,000 yen
Cabinet Card Photo of John Fraser, Gus Farley, Grinnell, Chandler and Milton
Taken in Yokohama by Felix [Felice] Beato, 1868
220,000 yen
Early photo of Westerners Drinking with Japanese Attendants
Uncoloured albumen photo, c1870
175,000 yen
CDV of Robert M. Colwell taken in Yokohama
Paymaster of HBM corvette 'Charybdis', 1875
77,000 yen
CDV Photo of Westerner in Japan
Scarce image taken by Nakamura Masatomo, c1875
66,000 yen
Six CDVs of Officers of HBMS Audacious
taken in Nagasaki by Ueno Hikoma, 1876-77
220,000 yen
CDV of Franz Heinrich Schlueter
taken in Kobe by Kojima Yasumitsu, 1898
66,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Alfred) in Yokohama
Taken to commemorate a bowling match, 1869
2,200,000 yen
Photograph of Duane B. Simmons
Taken by Esaki Reiji in Tokyo, 1888
77,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Kamakura Daibutsu
Rare image with Charles Wirgman sitting on the right, 1864
220,000 yen
Cabinet Card Photo of Will Augustus in Rickshaw
taken in Nagasaki at studio Tenyokan, c1890
55,000 yen
CDV of Thomas Erskine Cochrane
taken in Yokohama, 1869
55,000 yen
CDV of Duncan McCalum
taken by Usui Shuzaburo in Yokohama, c1880
44,000 yen
Stereoview Photo of Japanese and British Officials by Pierre Rossier
One of the earliest photos ever taken in Japan, 1859
264,000 yen
Photo Albums and Scrapbook of Frank O. Stuart
Important record of pre-1923 earthquake expat life in Japan, 1917-23
1,870,000 yen
Medium Format Photo of Edmund Woodman
taken by Riyo Maruki, Tokyo, c1900
66,000 yen
Cabinet Card Photo of Baron Paul de Groote
Taken by Adolfo Farsari, Yokohama, 1890
66,000 yen
CDV of Joseph Dautremer, Charles Didelot, and Edouard Batelot
Only known photo of Dautremer taken in Japan, c1882
154,000 yen
Pair of Photos of Higgins sisters in Yokohama
Taken by Adolfo Farsari, Yokohama, c1908
88,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Western Lady
with Farsari studio stamp on rear, c1900
66,000 yen
Cabinet Card of Mrs Anne P. Randolph
founder of Kinjo Gakuin University, c1895
66,000 yen
Yokohama Home of US Resident Minister Charles E. DeLong
Very large format albumen photo , c1872
264,000 yen
Large Format Photo of H.J.H. Tripp and George Hamilton
on a hunting trip in Yokohama, c1875
121,000 yen
Early Photos of Kobe-based Westerners
including Marshall's House and race-winning horse 'Torpedo', c1872
154,000 yen
CDV of T. Van Lissa
Taken in Yokohama in 1868, 1868
132,000 yen
Photo Album of Nagasaki Chinzei Gakuin Founding Missionaries and more
52 large format photos including 2 panoramas, c1890
880,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Oura Bund, Nagasaki
by Enami Nobukuni, c1893
66,000 yen
Cabinet Card of Francois Etienne
taken by Suzuki Shin'ichi in Yokohama, c1885
55,000 yen
Cabinet Card of Japanese Maid and Western Baby
by Stillfried of Yokohama, c1875
44,000 yen
Medium format photo of US Consul Daniel Turner
Only known photo of the diplomat who died young, c1872
165,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Kuhn & Komor Store in Yokohama
Hand-coloured albumen print, c1895
99,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Ahrens Picnic at Kawai
Scarce photo, 1880
154,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Heinrich Ahrens group
taken at Shinomiya Shrine in Kobe, 1881
220,000 yen
CDV of Bernard Petitjean
taken by Victor Angerer, c1875
Large Format Photo of Admiral Pierre-Gustav Roze and Crew in Nagasaki
taken onboard the frigate Guerrière, c1867
Large format photo of Tsukiji Foreign Settlement Tokyo
by Kusakabe Kimbei, c1885
CDV of Edouard Georges Batelot
taken in Yokohama by Usui Shuzaburo, 1881
Medium Format Photo of Alexandre Berlioz
Bishop of Hakodate, Hokkaido, c1891

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