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Chudo Ken - Views Within and Outside Chew-Doh-Ken
Photo book of Tudor-style House in Kyoto, 1932
Large Format Photo of Kyoto
by Baron Raimund von Stillfried, mid-1870s
Large format photo of Kyoto from Higashiyama
Attributed to Yokoyama Matsusaburo, c1885
66,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Sanjo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto
with people cooling down under the bridge, c1895
55,000 yen
Large format photo of the Sosui, Kyoto (Outou Canal)
Hand-coloured albumen photo, c1895
110,000 yen
Large format photo of Yojio (Shijo Bridge) Kyoto
Hand-coloured albumen photo, c1890
44,000 yen

1 - 6 of 6 :