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Photo Book of Deer in Japan
by Kawai Chiku, 1898
44,000 yen
Photo Album with 61 photos by Felice Beato
Unique, personal album given to Gustav Kinder by Carl Julius Textor, 1866
3,300,000 yen
Japanese Studies by H.G. Ponting
Inscribed by Tokyo Mayoress, Yei Theodora Ozaki, 1906
110,000 yen
Important, Dated, Personal Photo Album of Japan with 302 photos
City views, Japanese people, early Meiji era dignitaries, 1876-1880
5,500,000 yen
Photo Albums and Scrapbook of Frank O. Stuart
Important record of pre-1923 earthquake expat life in Japan, 1917-23
1,870,000 yen
Important Pair of Kanamaru Genzo Photo Albums with a total of 262 photos
including only known photo of his Asakusa studio , c1873
2,750,000 yen
Photo Album of Nagasaki Chinzei Gakuin Founding Missionaries and more
52 large format photos including 2 panoramas, c1890
880,000 yen
The Fishermen's Life in Japan
with 20 photos by Takagi Teijirō, 1906
110,000 yen
5 Photo Albums connected to Yokohama-based manager of Butterfield & Swire Co., Mr. James Dodds
400+ photos of ex-pat life in Meiji Japan, c1888-1908
2,970,000 yen
The Belles of Japan
by The Jiji Shimpo, 1908
Scenes in the Eastern Capital of Japan
by Ogawa Kazumasa, 1905
The Hanami (Flower Picnic)
by Suteta Takashima, 1897
Chudo Ken - Views Within and Outside Chew-Doh-Ken
Photo book of Tudor-style House in Kyoto, 1932
Types of Japan - Celebrated Geysha of Tokyo
by Ogawa Kazumasa, 1895
Photo Album of Tea Importer Geo. H. Macy & Co.
with 42 hand-coloured collotype photos, c1900
Album of 47 Large Format Photos of Japan
by Stillfried (and some Beato images), c1878
The Transformation of Mother Earth from Nature to Art
Photo book of pottery process by Takagi Teijiro, 1907
Superb, dated Japanese photo album with 120 photos
with previously unknown photos of Georges Bigot and friends in Japanese costume, c1882
Unique Japanese Folding Album with 77 Photos
with only known photo of Percival Spencer flying with balloon in Tokyo, c1890
The Stage Photograph-Album of Typical Japanese Theatrical Performances
Imperial Theatre Tokyo, 1922
Japanese Street Scenes
Complete with 10 hand coloured photos, c1900
Photo Book of Meiji-Era Western-style Buildings in Japan
Including the studios of Ogawa Kazumasa and Maruki Riyo, c1880
Great Kanto Earthquake Photo Album
Containing 89 photos, 1923
Two Japanese Photo Albums by Adolfo Farsari
Impressive pair with a total of 110 photos, c1889
Commemorative Photo Album of Dai Nippon Breweries
Forerunner of Sapporo and Asahi Beer brands, 1911

1 - 25 of 25 :