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1906 Japanese Sailor Visit to London Broadside, 1906
55,000 yen
The Japan Express (Yokohama Newspaper)
Published by Raphael Schoyer, 1862
330,000 yen
Yokohama Shinpo - Moshiogusa (15 volumes)
by Eugene Van Reed & Kishida Ginko, 1868-70
275,000 yen
Hikida - Yeddoer Tageblatt
by H. Keller, 1889
132,000 yen
Koko Shimbun - Early Japanese Newspaper
by Fukuchi Gen'ichiro, 1868
82,500 yen
Shooting Licence Issued in Yokohama
Kanagawa prefectural office, 1879
88,000 yen
Commentary on the New Testament's Gospel of Luke
by Marquis Lafayette Gordon, 1882
77,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Advertisement for Kusakabe Kimbei Photo Studio
printed on fine Japanese paper, c1890
44,000 yen
The Japan Punch - 1876
by Charles Wirgman, 1876
88,000 yen
The Japan Punch - August 1876
by Charles Wirgman, 1876
77,000 yen
Orienta Azio - Four issues of Esperanto Gazette printed hectographically
by Harada Takeyoshi, 1913-14
121,000 yen
Table Plan for Lunch in honour of Prince & Princess Arisugawa at Mansion House, London
Lt. Gen. Sir William Nicholson's copy, 1905
44,000 yen
Two Tickets to the 1903 Osaka Industrial Exhibition
for the aquarium in Sakai and Palais De L'Optique, 1903
33,000 yen
Kyoto Higher Technical School
Specially Printed for The Panama–Pacific International Exposition, 1914
44,000 yen
Two Jardine Matheson Cloth Wrappers for Silk or Cotton Bundles
with printed design mark and company name, c1900
44,000 yen
Catalogue of a Very Rare and Valuable Collection of Old Chinese Porcelain and Curios
and a Quantity of Old Silk Embroideries, 1889
27,500 yen
The Grand Hotel Yokohama Menu - April 26, 1906
Large, decorative folding menu, 1906
44,000 yen
Souvenir of the 11th Postal Union Congress
With selection of actual Japanese stamps, 1939
44,000 yen
Freemason Dinner Menu of the First Mason Chapter in Yokohama
No. 1092, E. C., 1890
88,000 yen
Large Advertisment for Mawe & Co., London & Yokohama
Importers & Exporters, 1886
44,000 yen
Supplement to the Daily Commercial News and Shipping List Annual Review
With stamp of F. Kanematsu, Sydney, 1898
77,000 yen
Hand Painted Folding Fan Signed by Dirk Gozeman of Dejima, Nagasaki
Unique item with original paper sleeve and box, c1810
330,000 yen
Original Japan-British Exhibition Award
Silver Medal Presented to Suzuki Seijiro for Silk Cocoons, 1910
88,000 yen
The Shanghai Weekly Times (2 issues)
First known examples to be found, 1861
550,000 yen
Manuscript Diary of John Kent Chandler, East India Merchant
Fascinating, unique item, 1866-69
2,750,000 yen
Large Printed Ad for the Kyoto Porcelain Company
Colour lithograph, c1900
27,500 yen
Souvenir of the Visit of the US Battleship Fleet to Yokohama
Set of 6 postcards with original decorative envelope, 1908
33,000 yen
The Japanese Village by Tannaker Buhicrosan
Very scarce flyer for London event, 1885
143,000 yen
Beautiful Handmade Fan in Original Woodblock Printed Folder
Sold by Haibara Naojiro, c1890
165,000 yen
Dinner Invitation from Prince Higashi Fushimi
during his stay in England, 1872
77,000 yen
Letter of Captain H.A. Adams to Commodore Perry
Regarding the Treaty of Kanagawa, 1856
66,000 yen
Three Large Hand-Painted Fan Prints
Striking, impressive designs , c1860
99,000 yen
The Tokyo Independent - Tokyo Dokuritsu Shimbun
Six issues of a very scarce newspaper. No copies outside Japan., 1886-87
220,000 yen
Japanese Hand-Made Trick Fan
made for the D.L.Clark confectionery co., c1910
77,000 yen
Meiji Era Trove of Japanese Stationery
& Other Printed Ephemera Collected by US Senator George Lukens, 1906
220,000 yen
Shizuoka Tea Association Poster
Promoting their tea, c1910
44,000 yen
The Sudden Death of Capt. Norman M. Toft
Interesting archive including letter from Thomas Baty, 1923-26
165,000 yen
Imprisoned American Seamen and the USS Preble
Detailed account of the situation, 1850
27,500 yen
Mortality in Troops (China and Japan)
British government correspondence, 1866
44,000 yen
Unused Woodblock Printed Paper Package Design
to be made into a bag for a Japanese sweet, 1898
77,000 yen
The Bald-Headed Series. Illustrated. By Sweetbriar.
Obscure, unrecorded Yokohama-related publication, c1889
176,000 yen
Letter from Yoshinari Hatakeyama to Brinkerhoff
Written at Wormley's Hotel in Washington DC, 1872
66,000 yen
Signed letter from Josiah Conder to Mrs North
Regarding dyed fibre paper samples, 1908
88,000 yen
Shipping Receipt from Yokohama to New York City
for 2 cases of curios bought by Dr. Moses Allen Starr, c1895
33,000 yen
Return of Student Interpreters in China, Japan, and Siam 1847-72
Important Reference List with Dates and Salaries, 1872
44,000 yen
Collection of 36 Japonisme Liebig Trade Cards from Europe
5 sets in French, Italian, and German, c1890
55,000 yen
Lovely Set of 6 Woodblock Printed Gift Envelopes
In original woodblock printed folder, c1910
22,000 yen
A Kalendar From Jap Town 1891
Uncommon Japonisme calendar , 1889
66,000 yen
Autograph Book of S. B. Doggett
with signatures of 3 important Japanese men, 1874
550,000 yen
Flyer for Early US Exhibition by Hiroshi Yoshida
Held at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., 1901
77,000 yen

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