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Japan related books in Western languages (published in Japan)

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Oyeyama Oni Taidji - Japanese fairy tale in French
by Louisman? and...?, c1890
154,000 yen
Catalogue of Japanese Carved Wood Furniture
Kuhn & Komor, c1910
Etiquette at the Table
by the Countess of _____, 1912
37,800 yen
The Doctor's Conversation
by Suzuki Yoshikichi, 1887
74,520 yen
The Modern Linguist in English, French, German and Japanese
by Inoue Tsutomu, 1890
59,400 yen
Conversation Francais-Japonais
by Yamasaki Shosaku, 1898
48,600 yen
Phrases in English and Japanese, Elementary for the Children
by Matsuoka Saikiyo [Akira], 1872
110,000 yen
Early Illustrated English Study Book
by Ogawa Kinsuke, 1871
97,200 yen
Residential Rhymes
Extremely scarce plain paper edition, 1899
550,000 yen
Japanese Pictures of Japanese Life
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1903
Yokohama and Vicinity
by N. Amenomori, 1911
43,200 yen
Hints to Tourists on Curio Buying
Deakin Bros & Co. Ltd., c1890
77,000 yen
Guide Book of Yedo - The Tokio Guide
The first English guidebook to Tokyo, 1874
176,000 yen
Japanese Jingles
by Mae St.John Bramhall, 1893
The Rat's Plaint
Translated from the original Chinese by Archibald Little, 1892
Buddha's Crystal and Other Fairy Stories
by Yei Ozaki, 1908
44,000 yen
Chu -The Tongueless Sparrow
by Shimizu Taijiro, 1888
110,000 yen
Princess Splendor - The Woodcutter's Daughter
Translated by E. Rothesay Miller, 1889
Méthode de lecture - Published in Yedo
Very early French study book, 1869
Observations at Yokohama Port
by Sadahide Gyokuransai, 1865
172,800 yen
Communal Works in Commemoration of The War and General View of Local Enterprises
published by The Home Department, 1906
27,000 yen
A Handbook for Travellers in Central & Northern Japan
by E.M. Satow & Lieut. A.G.S. Hawes, 1881
Japanese Popular Stories together with Mitsuyae: A Story of the Saigo War
by George J. Penney, 1890
29,160 yen
Aino Fairy Tales - The Birds' Party
by B. H. Chamberlain, 1887
Pictures of the 36 Gates of The Shogun's Castle in Yedo
by Shimizu Sanjiro, 1896
48,600 yen
Pictures of Ancient Japanese History 2 vol.
by T.H. [Takehira] Asso [Aso], 1890
86,400 yen
Early English Study Book - Shubunkan
Published by the school S.R. Brown taught at, 1869
88,000 yen
A Devil's Arm Lost and A Devil's Head Gained
by Tsutsui Jun'ei, 1888
Chiushingura or The Loyal League
by Frederick V. Dickins, 1892
59,400 yen
Tokyo Tsukiji Type Foundry Samples Book
by Nomura Sojuro, 1898
Rangaku Kaitei
Pioneering work by Otsuki Gentaku, 1788
259,200 yen
Illustrations to the Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan, 1878
132,000 yen
Japan's Year
by Julia Carrothers, 1905
The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement
by Josiah Conder, 1891
Questions and Answers About Nara
by Makiura Fusazo, 1906
Pictorial Descriptions of the Famous Places in Tokyo
by Miki Teiichi, 1887
64,800 yen
Early Japanese Dutch Language Study Book
by Ito Keisuke, 1841
By Georges Bigot, 1883
259,200 yen
Group of 5 Official Meiji Government Publications
English translations published by the Japanese government, 1889
86,400 yen
Waei Tsuin Iroha Benran - Tosa han English study book
with the clock hands present, 1868
Scenes du Theatre Japonais
in original box, 1900
Little Poems from Japanese Anthologies
Rendered into English verse by Evaleen Stein, 1922
Little Songs of Shade and Sunshine
On hosho paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1908
A Day with Mitsu
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1894
The Children's Japan
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1914
Momotaro (large format)
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1932
Three Reflections
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1925
Japanese Storytellers
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1912
The Wooden Bowl
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1934
The Flowers of Remembrance and Forgetfulness
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1939

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