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Japanese Exhibition Catalogue on crepe paper
by Louis Williams, 1896
176,000 yen
The Amateur's Companion Containing the List of Kodaks, other hand cameras etc.
by T. G. Asanuma, 1901
44,000 yen
Table Plan for Lunch in honour of Prince & Princess Arisugawa at Mansion House, London
Lt. Gen. Sir William Nicholson's copy, 1905
44,000 yen
Types of Japan - Celebrated Geysha of Tokyo
by Ogawa Kazumasa, 1895
Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese
Done into English Verse by Shotaro Kimura & Charlotte M. A. Peake, 1908-1937
99,000 yen
Statutes of the Japan-Hellenic Association
Very scarce, early booklet, 1921
55,000 yen
Large format photo of Oiran (High-Class Courtesan)
in stunning kimono, c1890
99,000 yen
Tochio's Computation on the Soroban
by Tochio Kintaro, 1912
55,000 yen
Japanese Police - Unrecorded Illustrated Photo Book
Published in the year police and mobs killed many Koreans, 1923
275,000 yen
Manuscript of Coloured Drawings from Honen Shonin Eden
Superb detailed designs, c1860
165,000 yen
Dutch Ship on Hand-painted Card
by Keisui?, c1850
55,000 yen
Street Scenes of Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning work with art by Hiroshige, 1908
CDV of Hattori Sakutaro and friend - Dated 1876
taken by Esaki Reiji, 1876
88,000 yen
CDV of Western Couple by Felice Beato - Dated 1874
on Beato's studio mount, 1874
132,000 yen
Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Japan Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to Formosa
by Chamberlain and Mason, 1899
Journal of the National English Language Association - 34 issues
by F. Warrington Easlake, 1888-90
66,000 yen
The Japanese American Year Book (for 1918)
Scarce in such nice condition, 1918
General Catalogue of Plants, Bulbs, Seeds
The Tokio Nurseries, 1896
132,000 yen
Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism 3rd ed.
Crepe Paper book by Paul Carus, 1896
66,000 yen
Yokohama Maid - A Japanese Comic Operetta in Two Acts
Written and composed by Arthur A. Penn, 1915
55,000 yen
Orienta Azio - Four issues of Esperanto Gazette printed hectographically
by Harada Takeyoshi, 1913-14
121,000 yen
Ikebana Manuscript with Hand-Drawn and Coloured Arrangements
Ikenobo School, c1800
The Japan Punch - August 1876
by Charles Wirgman, 1876
77,000 yen
Cabinet Card of Western Man in Jinrikisha
taken by Kozaburo Tamamura, c1890
33,000 yen
The Battle of the Monkey and the Crab - Japanese Fairy Tale in English
Plain paper edition in fine condition, 1886
66,000 yen
La bataille du singe et du crabe - Japanese Fairy Tale in French
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1885
88,000 yen
Large format photo of Nagasaki and Dejima
taken by Raimund Von Stillfried, c1875
88,000 yen
Large format photo of Bentendori, Yokohama showing the Nozawaya Silk Store
taken by Kusakabe Kimbei, c1890
99,000 yen
CDV of Samurai Group
Koori Yutaka 2nd from left, c1866
Large format photo of Rear River of Kawaguchi, Osaka
Unmounted, uncoloured albumen photo, c1880
77,000 yen

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