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Illustrated Book of Various Artists
by Sensai Eitaku and Ogata Gekko, c1890
66,000 yen
Sample Books of Handmade Japanese Vellum
by the Japan Paper Company, 1921
44,000 yen
Masterpieces by Jakuchu with Biographical Sketch of the Artist
by Tajima Shiichi, 1904
Cach Cach Yama (Kachi-Kachi Yama)
tr. by John Alfred, c1895
66,000 yen
Little Poems from Japanese Anthologies
Rendered into English verse by Evaleen Stein, 1922
77,000 yen
The Tower at Atago Yama, Tokyo
Large format albumen photo , c1895
77,000 yen
Large format photo of Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarter, Tokyo
by Kusakabe Kimbei, c1890
77,000 yen
Large format photo of Two Japanese Archers (Archery)
attributed to Usui Shuzaburo, c1880
77,000 yen
Man in Iseyama Photo Studio Happi Coat with Two Ladies
Large format albumen of unknown studio, c1880
99,000 yen
Important and Unique Manuscript Catalogue Album of Japanese Folding Screens (Byobu)
with 55 exquisite, hand-drawn and hand-coloured designs, c1870
3,300,000 yen
Illustrations of Japanese Life
50 photos by Ogawa Kazumasa, c1899
143,000 yen
Fibel oder der Schreib - und Lese - Unterricht
German language reading and writing primer., 1902
44,000 yen
Group of 6 Photos of the Russian Legation at Tokyo
by Maruki Riyo et al, c1890
132,000 yen
Complete set of 13 ema (wooden plaque) design books
edited by Tanaka Shunji, 1917-19
220,000 yen
Early German Language Study Book for Japanese Learners
edited by Haraguchi Ryuzo, 1884
66,000 yen
Manuscript Book Showing the Cadastre in Yamada Village, Keta-gun, Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture
Hand drawn, coloured and in very good condition, c1885
66,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Book of Flower Ball Designs
by the Ueno Kenkyukai, 1934
121,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Book of Ox Carts on Fans
by the Ueno Kenkyukai, 1934
99,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Advertisement for Kusakabe Kimbei Photo Studio
printed on fine Japanese paper, c1890
44,000 yen
Bentendori, Yokohama
with shop signs readable, c1890
44,000 yen
Black Eyed Susan's - Site of Namamugi Incident
by Raimund Von Stillfried, 1871
275,000 yen
Woman in Kimono
by Raimund Von Stillfried, c1875
88,000 yen
Main Street, Kobe
showing studio shop of Tamemasa Torazo on right, c1890
77,000 yen
The Illustrated Hand-Book of S. Iida, Takashimaya's Silks and Embroideries
Lovely example in fine condition, 1900
The Japan Punch - Nov. 1881
by Charles Wirgman, 1881
The Japan Punch - Mar. 1881
by Charles Wirgman, 1881
Au Japon - Les Raconteurs Publics
Elusive, large plain paper edition, 1899
330,000 yen
The Official Railway & Steamboat Traveller's Guide
with General Information for Tourists in Japan, 1890
154,000 yen
Five Woodblock Prints of Famous Western Inventors
attributed to Utagawa Kuniteru II, 1873
165,000 yen
Japan-British Exhibition Official Guide
Illustrated and complete with folding map, 1910

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