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A Vocabulary of the Most Common Used Synonymous Words
by Gentaro Tomita, 1895
12,960 yen
Engraving of Kitamuraya Hotel, Ise
by Nakachu Koin, Nagoya, c1895
25,920 yen
Japanese Topsyturvy-dom
by Emily S. Patton, 1896
129,600 yen
Nishikawa Sukenobu - Beauties from Ancient Times
by Mizuno Isojiro, 1913
37,800 yen
Fascinating handwritten manuscript on shooting
Targets to hit on animals, samurai, insects, grass and even clouds!, 1699
302,400 yen
An Illustrated Description of Three Countries - Manuscript
by Hayashi Shihei, 1785
162,000 yen
Calendar for 1911 on crepe paper
by The Shimbi Shoin, 1911
48,600 yen
Views of Fair Japan - Calendar for 1912
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1911
A Garden of Celebrated Japanese and Chinese Paintings
by Ooka Shunboku, 1750
24,840 yen
Woodblock Printed Book by Masanobu Okumura
Bound accordion style with 15 diptychs, c1890
59,400 yen
Views of China by Kubota Beisen
Impressive volume in very good condition, 1889
86,400 yen
Manuscript Book of Plots of Land in Sano Village, Kanzaki-gun, c1880s
48,600 yen
First English Japanese Phrasebook by Fukuzawa Yukichi
Nice example of a scarce book, 1860
86,400 yen
Record of Acupuncture Experiments on Living Things - Manuscript
by Osuka Yoshio (Ryogan), 1875
216,000 yen
Senryudo Gafu - Woodblock printed book of insects
by Takizawa Kiyoshi, 1903
48,600 yen
Sansui Gacho
published by Kogetsudo Bunsuke, 1835
30,240 yen
Poems of the 36 Immortals - Handwritten manuscript
with delightful and delicate illustrations, 1749
64,800 yen
Divine Fantasy - Fascinating Woodblock Printed Book
by Miyatake Gaikotsu, 1910
48,600 yen
The Tsukiji Hotel in Tokyo - Woodblock printed triptych
by Utagawa Hiroshige III, 1870
216,000 yen
Niphon Gwafu - A Collection of Sketches by Japanese Artists
Edited by Matsumoto Fuko, 1891
97,200 yen
Manuscript of Samurai Armour Shoulder Cover Designs
Striking, detailed designs, c1780
74,520 yen
Unai no Tomo (Children's Toys)
by Shimizu Seifu, 1911
34,560 yen
Handwritten Japanese Sword Manuscript
Detailed designs, 1867
59,400 yen
Tenugui and Happi Coat Design Book
128 towel designs & 20 happi designs, c1930
37,800 yen
Extraordinary Bakumatsu Era Archive of Nabeshima-han Manuscript Documents
Unique assortment of handwritten documents of the Hideshima family, Dated 1856-1860
Beautiful Japanese Hand Drawn Map of the World
by Nagakubo Sekisui, c1780
Manuscript Book of Shipwrecked Japanese Sailors' Visit to Russia
Stunning version of Kankai Ibun, c1807
518,400 yen
Dejima Painting on Parchment
Magnificent depiction in colour, c1850s
145,800 yen
Beautiful Kimono Design Book
Published by Yamada Unsodo, 1902
64,800 yen
Forty-Seven Ronin - Crepe Paper Edition
by Tanaka Umesaburo, 1893
129,600 yen

1 - 30 of 20 :