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Rope Dancer
by Kusakabe Kimbei, c1890
77,000 yen
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Japanese Sweets
by Terada Kazuo, 1937
143,000 yen
Flower Baskets and Flower Carts
Stunning, large woodblock printed book, 1934
154,000 yen
Super Pair of Japanese Design Books
by Tokuda Yoshizo, 1931
132,000 yen
Superb Large Format Kimono Design Book
Wonderful range of stunning designs, c1900
165,000 yen
Explanation of New Japanese Alphabet
by Kojima Itto, 1888
44,000 yen
Admiral Pierre-Gustav Roze and Crew in Nagasaki
Large format photo taken onboard the frigate Guerrière, c1867
154,000 yen
A Day With Mitsu
Crepe paper book, 1894
88,000 yen
The Serpent With Eight Heads
Scarce misprint on cover, 1886
77,000 yen
Photo Book of Deer in Japan
by Kawai Chiku, 1898
44,000 yen
The Japanese Parlor Magic
Sing Fat & Co, c1890
99,000 yen
CDV of Kenji Osawa
taken by Carl Suck in Berlin, 1874
88,000 yen
Shooting Licence Issued in Yokohama
Kanagawa prefectural office, 1879
88,000 yen
Entrance ticket for Westerner to the 1st Exposition in Kyoto, Japan
with rules & regulations booklet in English, 1873
77,000 yen
Group of 9 Cabinet Photos of Dr. Witter Tingley by Tamamura, Yokohama
In original envelopes and postage info, 1895
154,000 yen
Scenes in the Eastern Capital of Japan
by Ogawa Kazumasa, 1905
165,000 yen
First Annual Report of Sapporo Agricultural College
by William Smith Clark et al, 1877
88,000 yen
Illustrations by Kanei (Kanei Gafu)
by Nishiyama Kanei (Kan'ei), 1886
77,000 yen
Lithographic Illustrations of Establishments in Chiba Prefecture
Aoyama Toyotaro (ed.), 1896
462,000 yen
Very Large Book of Kimono Designs
Published by Unsodo, 1898
Lovely Woodblock Printed Book of Japanese Art
by Ogino Issui, 1910
77,000 yen
Illustrated Atlas on Using Obstetrical Forceps
by Mizuhara Yoshihiro (Sansetsu), 1837
440,000 yen
Shinshu Zuan [Illustrations of New Designs]
by Sugimura Kozan, 1932
99,000 yen
The First English-Japanese Phrasebook published by a Westerner in Japan
by Eugene Van Reed, 1862
165,000 yen
The Scenery of Four Seasons
published by Ishizuka Iozo, 1902
Superb Kimono Design Book
by Matsui Yukoku, 1900
77,000 yen
CDV of Japanese Official wearing boots
Possibly taken in France, c1867
88,000 yen
CDV of Samurai with Family (?), c1873
66,000 yen
CDV of Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Danjuro IX
by Uchida Kuichi, c1873
121,000 yen
CDV of Samurai
Nice tones, c1868
99,000 yen

1 - 30 of 20 :