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Superb Woodblock Print of a Black Ship
Large format and unbacked, c1850s
Nippon Yusen Kaisha Poster
Wonderful design, dated 1913, 1913
Poetical Greetings from the Far East
Scarce publishing error - German cover but English text, 1896
99,000 yen
Japanese Collectors and What They Collect
by Frederick Starr, 1921
66,000 yen
History of the Concordia Club of Kobe
Important, illustrated work, 1929
110,000 yen
Great Kanto Earthquake Photo Album
Containing 89 photos, 1923
Japanese Map of the World
by Nagata Hosei, 1875
220,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Map of Yokohama
by Utagawa Yoshikazu, 1868
Group of 12 Woodblock Printed Postcards
by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1900
121,000 yen
Mitsu No Sode - Kimono Design Book
by Yamashita Matajiro (Kosen), 1903
187,000 yen
Lilies of Japan
Filled with lovely, colour lithographs, 1917
176,000 yen
Selection of Lilies for Export
by Ikeda Jirokichi, 1895
242,000 yen
Selection of One Hundred Lilies
by the Yokohama Nursery Company, 1894
Large Format Photo of Sumo Wreslers and Gyoji
by Raimund von Stillfried, c1880
110,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Sumo Wrestler
by Raimund von Stillfried, c1880
99,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Western Man in Korean Dress
Scarce image, c1890
110,000 yen
Ambrotype Photo of Young Girl in Okinawan Kimono
Rare, sharp image , c1880
154,000 yen
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Scarce Large Format Crepe Paper Book, 1898
187,000 yen
The Great Earthquake in Japan 1891
by H. Tennant, 1892
440,000 yen
Report of a Visit to the Central Silk Districts of Japan
by F. O. Adams, Esq., 1869
143,000 yen
Hanging Pagoda Calendar for 1907
Woodblock printed by Takejiro Hasegawa, 1906
Hanagata - Autumn. Lovely, woodblock printed Kimono design book
by Yamashita Kosen, 1900
Hanagata - Spring. Lovely, woodblock printed Kimono design book
by Yamashita Kosen, 1899
Set of Ten Illustrated Silk Squares in Original Box
by the S. Shobey Silk Store of Yokohama, c1900
165,000 yen
CDV of Japanese Acrobats in France
taken by Camille Brion, Marseille, 1867
110,000 yen
Classic Japanese Gardens - Hedges and Stones
by Akisato Rito, 1827
Woodblock Printed Book of People and Nature
by Kitazume Yukei, 1879
44,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Yokohama Station
Scarce, early view with train visible, c1873
121,000 yen
Calendar for 1912
on crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1911
Woodblock Print of French Couple with Stereoscope
by Utagawa Yoshitora, 1861
121,000 yen

1 - 30 of 30 :