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Aino Fairy Tales - The Birds' Party
by B. H. Chamberlain, 1887
How to Draw Simple Sketches
by Kitao Masayoshi, 1795
74,520 yen
Complete Set of 3 Tobae Caricature Books
by Takehara Shunchosai, 1720
74,520 yen
Secrets of the Ichikawa Family's Kabuki Make-up Styles
by [Ichikawa Danjuro VII], 1914
Early Japanese Map of the World
based on Matteo Ricci's pioneering work, 1601
1,188,000 yen
Japanese and International Flag Designs
Fantastic selection of 131 hand drawn & coloured flags, c1860s
189,000 yen
Complete Map of the Provinces of Japan
Manuscript in 2 volumes, c1840
129,600 yen
Japanese Colour-Prints
by P. Neville Barnett, 1936
172,800 yen
Kotowaza Heso no Yadogae (3 vol.)
by Utagawa Yoshiume, c1860
129,600 yen
The Boy Who Drew Cats
Translated by Lafcadio Hearn, 1898
Eitaku Manga
by Kobayashi (Sensai) Eitaku, 1885
64,800 yen
Bund of Nagasaki (Albumen Print)
Large format. Subtle colouring., c1890
37,800 yen
Oura at Nagasaki (Albumen photo)
Large format. Very nice tones., c1885
48,600 yen
Street in Nagasaki (Albumen print)
Large format. Unusual view, c1890
43,200 yen
Original Letter by Rev. Guido Verbeck
Very private letter written to his brother-in-law, 1868
216,000 yen
Pair of Design Books - Unsodo
by Furuya Korin & Fujii Rindo, 1898
48,600 yen
Japanese Toys - Twelve Months
by Kawasaki Kyosen, 1926
Illustrations of Rohdea Japonica (Omoto)
by Okubo Koshichi, 1881
37,800 yen
Place Names of Cities and Countries in Japanese
Obscure work, c1870
37,800 yen
Eimei Hyaku Yuden (Stories of 100 Heroes)
Presented to William Fraser by Fumio Nomura, 1863
172,800 yen
Heitengi Zukai (Pioneering work on Astronomy)
by Iwahashi Yoshitaka, 1802
270,000 yen
Pictures of the 36 Gates of The Shogun's Castle in Yedo
by Shimizu Sanjiro, 1896
48,600 yen
Pictures of Ancient Japanese History 2 vol.
by T.H. [Takehira] Asso [Aso], 1890
86,400 yen
Complete Set of Hiroshige's 53 Stages of the Tokaido
Woodblock printed numbered set., c1915
74,520 yen
Large Kimono Design Book
Beautifully coloured & detailed designs, c1900
97,200 yen
Hengaku Kihan
Kitagawa Harunari & Aikawa Minwa, 1819
74,520 yen
Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan - The Ghost of Oiwa
Diptych by Toyokuni III (Kunisada), c1862
81,000 yen
Early English Study Book - Shubunkan
Published by the school S.R. Brown taught at, 1869
86,400 yen
Bankoku Kikan
Flags of Cities and Countries of the World, 1853
86,400 yen
Hyaku Fuji
Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji by Kawamura Minsetsu, 1771
74,520 yen

1 - 30 of 20 :