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Kendo Hitorigeiko
Early self-practice guide by Yamamoto Kansuke, c1860s-70s
132,000 yen
Commemorative Photo Album of Dai Nippon Breweries
Forerunner of Sapporo and Asahi Beer brands, 1911
Mino Kikan by Miura Chiharu
with woodblock printed illustrations of fishing with cormorants, 1880
121,000 yen
Das Deutsche ABC buch - Early German study book
Woodblock printed and in nice condition, 1871
77,000 yen
Japanese Crepe Traveling Case
with 17 samples of toilet paper, c1910
77,000 yen
Medium format photo of Boy and Kite
Hand-coloured albumen print, c1890
66,000 yen
Hokusai Gojūsantsugi Dōchu Gafu
Classic woodblock printed book, 1835
385,000 yen
Buddhism in Japan by E.M. Satow
Typed manuscript with notes, c1920
242,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Advertisement for Matsumoto Print Works
with original woodblock print, c1910
66,000 yen
Early Migrations - Japanese Wrecks Stranded and Picked up Adrift in the North Pacific Ocean
by Charles Wolcott Brooks, 1876
132,000 yen
Kokugo Mukashibanashi - Bunbuku Chagama
Previously unknown work with crepe paper cover, c1890
88,000 yen
Soda San in London - A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts
by Mr. Tarōkaja (Masuda Tarō), c1908
242,000 yen
Calendar for 1958
by Nishinomiya Yosaku, 1957
88,000 yen
A Guide for Cultivators of the Japanese Morning Glory
by Rokumonya, Tokyo, 1894
77,000 yen
The Tale of the Ghost Ship - Yōkaisen
by Wilhelm Hauff , 1888
176,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Triptych of the Tsukiji Hotel in Tokyo
by Utagawa Kuniteru II, 1868
275,000 yen
Famous Views in Yokohama - An American Beauty
by Utagawa Yoshitora, 1860
99,000 yen
Group of 14 Large, Hand-painted Illustrations of Edo era Punishments
depicting the trial, tattooing, and penalties for criminals, c1860
330,000 yen
Calendar for 1914
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1913
Calendar for 1911
by Hasegawa Takejirō, 1910
CDV of Tateishi 'Tommy' Onojiro
taken by Felix Beato, c1867
220,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Triptych of Inubōsaki Lighthouse in Chiba
by Utagawa Kuniteru II, c1874
275,000 yen
Manuscript of Journey from Kuwana to Edo
Superb with hand-drawn illustrations of places along the way, 1852
770,000 yen
Hana Kasane - Large Kimono Design Book
by Ichida Yaichiro, 1898
330,000 yen
Sansuicho - Woodblock printed book of landscapes
by the artist priest Unshitsu, 1823
99,000 yen
Manuscript Book on Japanese Words Classified into Categories
including the characters for city and country names around the world, c1870
99,000 yen
Large Format Photo of Yokohama Creek Side
with piano seller/tuner J.G. Doering sign visible, c1885
99,000 yen
Imayo Genji Hana Soroi by Kunisada II
3 Woodblock prints from this wonderful series, 1861
176,000 yen
Some Japanese Flowers by Kazumasa Ogawa
Special edition with 37 chromo-collotype photo plates, 1897
660,000 yen
Doctrines et Ceremonies Religieuses du pays D'Annam
One of only 6 copies on crepe paper by André Coué, 1933
770,000 yen

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