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Large format photo of Young Tattooed Man Carrying Letter
Hand-coloured albumen photo, c1890
88,000 yen
CDV of Kanda Naibu
Signed by Kanda in English and Japanese, 1880
132,000 yen
CDV of Jules Gosselin
employee of Meynard, Cousin & Co., 1869
88,000 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan - 4th edition
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1889
176,000 yen
Japanese Customs From Ancient to Modern Vol. I
by Kawaura Kenichi, 1896
The Japan Railway Directory with General Appendixes
Compiled and published by K. Zaitsu, 1890
110,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Nagoya
Very nice impression, 1890
110,000 yen
Superb Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Tokyo
with Train Lines and inset map of Yokohama , 1889
88,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Kobe & Hiogo
with directory of foreign businesses, 1888
121,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Osaka
with inset maps of Kobe, Sakai, and Nara, 1887
77,000 yen
Souvenir of the 11th Postal Union Congress
With selection of actual Japanese stamps, 1939
44,000 yen
The Elementary Catechisms. English Grammar.
by Fukuda, 1870
44,000 yen
Very scarce Crepe Paper Christmas and New Year Greeting Card
Custom made by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1900
Very early pair of English-Japanese vocabulary books
by Ishibashi Masakata & Nakayama Takekazu, 1861
121,000 yen
The Grand Hotel Yokohama Menu - April 26, 1906
Large, decorative folding menu, 1906
44,000 yen
Solar Eclipse of 1887 - Scarce Oban Woodblock Print
Scarce ukiyoe also showing photographer, 1887
110,000 yen
The Coins of Japan by William Bramsen
Scarce publication, 1880
143,000 yen
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Promotional Crepe Paper Booklet of Bunkio Matsuki, Boston
Absolutely superb, custom made beauty by Takejiro Hasegawa, c1894
Woodblock Printed Book of China Ware by Aoki Mokubei (Robei)
芸艸堂  だるま屋, 1921
110,000 yen
Abbreviated Sketches - Ryakuga Shiki
by Kitao Masayoshi (aka Kuwagata Keisai), 1795
88,000 yen
Ikebana Manuscript Book in Colour with Hand-Drawn Arrangements
by Shogessai Ippo (Ichimine), c1860
66,000 yen
The Eruption of Bandai-San - With a Coloured Plan
Reprinted from the 'Japan Daily Mail', 1888
99,000 yen
The Rokkasen
by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1894
132,000 yen
The Offical Guide-Book to Kyoto and the Allied Prefectures
Probably the most comprehensive pre-1900 guide book to Kyoto in English, 1895
55,000 yen
Catalogue of Woodcut Color Prints
by Shozaburo Watanabe, 1951
110,000 yen
Illustrated Book of Silkworm and Silk Production
art by Katsukawa Shunsho & Kitao Shigemasa, c1917
38,500 yen
Illustrations of Bugaku Japanese Court Dance
Lovely costume and mask designs, 1905
55,000 yen
Kyoto and Its Surroundings
Very scarce guide book, 1889
99,000 yen
Ikebana Manuscript with Hand-Drawn Arrangements
Selections by Masters (iemoto), c1890
77,000 yen

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