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A Nile Voyage
by Charles & Susan M. Bowles, 1896
145,800 yen
Hiroshige Gafu
Complete set of 3 volumes, 1894
129,600 yen
Stereo Photo of Zenpukuji - First location of US Legation in Tokyo
by Pierre Rossier, 1859
129,600 yen
Group of Ainu - Large Format Photo
Scarce image, nicely handcoloured, c1890
74,520 yen
Shimooka Renjo CDV of Western Man
Previously undiscovered Renjo studio mount, c1870s
216,000 yen
Yoshinari Hatakeyama (Kozo Sugiura) CDV
taken by D. Clark, c1870
97,200 yen
Bernard Petitjean CDV
taken by Victor Angerer, c1875
97,200 yen
Pair of Beautiful Handmade Fans
Sold by Haibara Naojiro, c1890
216,000 yen
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Rare Large Format Crepe Paper Book by Jujiya & Co., 1898
172,800 yen
Chokocho - Complete Set of 10 Volumes
Lovely set with stunning designs, 1914-17
367,200 yen
Lovely Group of 13 Silhouette Woodblock Tanzaku Prints
published by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1930s
97,200 yen
Hand painted scroll of Dutch man
by Shiba Kokan (?), c1800
972,000 yen
Painted scroll showing Dutch group having meal
Seal of Shirai Itoku, c1800
864,000 yen
Residential Rhymes
Extremely scarce plain paper edition, 1899
540,000 yen
Nippon Yusen Kaisha Handbook
in beautiful condition, 1904
64,000 yen
Woodblock Print of Numbers and Roman Numerals
Lovely coloured woodblock print, c1890
34,560 yen
Yokohama and Vicinity
by N. Amenomori, 1911
43,200 yen
Hints to Tourists on Curio Buying
Deakin Bros & Co. Ltd., c1890
86,400 yen
Guide Book of Yedo - The Tokio Guide
The first English guidebook to Tokyo, 1874
172,800 yen
Manuscript Showing Land Acreage, Addresses in Ichinomiya, Chiba
Hand drawn and coloured, c1890
59,400 yen
Japanese Jingles
by Mae St.John Bramhall, 1893
The Rat's Plaint
Translated from the original Chinese by Archibald Little, 1892
Nogaku Zue
by Tsukioka Kogyo, 1900-1904
48,600 yen
Buddha's Crystal and Other Fairy Stories
by Yei Ozaki, 1908
59,400 yen
Chu -The Tongueless Sparrow
by Shimizu Taijiro, 1888
129,600 yen
The Fairy Foxes
by Mrs. Archibald Little, 1895
172,800 yen
Princess Splendor - The Woodcutter's Daughter
Translated by E. Rothesay Miller, 1889
129,600 yen
Large Format Kimono Design Book
Full of delicate designs with subtle colouring, c1890
74,520 yen
Two Hundred Illustrations of Japanese Arms and Armour
by Kobayashi Sukemichi, 1848
378,000 yen
Méthode de lecture - Published in Yedo
Very early French study book, 1869

1 - 30 of 20 :