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Ginko Manga
Lovely pair of woodblock printed books by Adachi Ginko, 1902
88,000 yen
Nihon Kuni Zukushi
A list of the provinces of Japan in Roman letters, c1870
44,000 yen
Stereoview Photo of Tachi Kosaku
Superb image, c1862
220,000 yen
Stereoview Photo of Japanese and British Officials by Pierre Rossier
One of the earliest photos ever taken in Japan, 1859
264,000 yen
Stereoview Photo of Tattooed Japanese Workmen by Pierre Rossier
One of the earliest photos ever taken in Japan, 1859
198,000 yen
Stereoview Photo of Edo by Pierre Rossier
One of the earliest photos ever taken in Japan, 1859
187,000 yen
CDV of Duncan McCalum
taken by Usui Shuzaburo in Yokohama, c1880
44,000 yen
CDV of Thomas Erskine Cochrane
taken in Yokohama, 1869
55,000 yen
Cabinet Card Photo of Will Augustus in Rickshaw
taken in Nagasaki at studio Tenyokan, c1890
55,000 yen
Cabinet Card Photo - Group of Chinese Men
taken by Obata Ujinaga in Takasaki, c1900
44,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Kamakura Daibutsu
Rare image with Charles Wirgman sitting on the right, 1864
220,000 yen
Album with 25 Kanto Earthquake Woodblock Prints
Impressive volume by nine different artists, 1926
275,000 yen
Stunning Painting of Shrine Entrance and Grounds
Probably Hokusai school, c1850
880,000 yen
Hanging Calendar for 1913 by Hasegawa
Complete with 12 woodblock prints, 1912
Floral Japan by Flora Sweet
The scarcest of Akiyama's large format crepe paper books, 1896
Zuan Hyakudai - Designs by Ogino Issui
Complete set of 3 volumes in original case, 1910
275,000 yen
The Flowers of Japan and The Art of Floral Arrangement
Complete with the 14 large colour woodblock prints, 1891
330,000 yen
Hokusai Shashin Gafu
Lovely book showing nice selection of his art, 1891
121,000 yen
Arts and Artists Japanese
Scarce, obscure art magazine, 1902
66,000 yen
Fifty-Three Views of the Tokaido in Potted Tray Landscapes
Very scarce, original printing, 1848
187,000 yen
Shipping Receipt from Yokohama to New York City
for 2 cases of curios bought by Dr. Moses Allen Starr, c1895
33,000 yen
Transactions of The Asiatic Society of Japan
Vol. VI - Part I Oct. 1877- Jan 1878, 1878
88,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Hafuya Hotel in Hakone
Lovely image with hotel staff, c1885
88,000 yen
Uncommon Photo of Yokohama
taken from hill overlooking town and port, c1880
77,000 yen
Woodblock Print of English Soldier and Steamboat
Large, tanzaku print, c1860
99,000 yen
Collection of 295 Labels of Silk, Cotton & Other Fabric Manufacturers
Wonderful range of designs from Meiji to early Showa, c1890-1940
143,000 yen
Vijf Jaren in Japan (1857-1863). [Five Years in Japan]
by J.C.L. Pompe van Meerdervoort, 1867-68
770,000 yen
Mijn Verblijf in Japan - My Sojourn in Japan
by C.T. Van Assendelft de Coningh, 1856
495,000 yen
Chiushingura or The Loyal League - A Japanese Romance
Translated by Frederick V. Dickins, 1876
66,000 yen
Notes on the Coal and Other Mines Owned by the Mitsui Mining Company
St. Louis Exhibition Edition, 1904
44,000 yen

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