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Famous Views in Kyoto
with 20 coloured copperplate prints plus map, 1891
165,000 yen
Price List of Japanese Bulbs, Plants, Seeds, etc.
Exported by L. Boehmer & Co. , 1894
264,000 yen
L. Boehmer & Co's Catalogue of Japanese Plants, Bulbs & Seeds
Beautiful book by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1903
Portraits of Famous Kabuki Actors
with 20 colour woodblock prints by Utagawa Kunihide, c1900
121,000 yen
Kohana san - Crepe paper book
Variant edition - almost square shaped, 1892
88,000 yen
Korin Calendar 1917
on crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1916
Portraits of Famous Japanese People
with 16 colour woodblock prints, c1895
121,000 yen
Echigo - Darkest Japan. The Way Out.
[Compiled by] Justus L. Cozad, 1891
55,000 yen
Calendar 1907
on crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1906
Losses Sustained by the Japanese Population of Vancouver, B.C.
on the occasion of the riots in that city in September, 1907, 1908
77,000 yen
A General Report on the Geology of Yesso
by Benjamin Smith Lyman, 1877
44,000 yen
The Mineral Wealth of Japan
by Adj. Prof. Henry S. Munroe, 1878
55,000 yen
Large Drawing of Ancient Japanese Battleship
Hand-coloured and labelled, c1850
121,000 yen
Programme of Entertainment
in honour of H.I.H. Prince Tsai Hsun, 1910
110,000 yen
Advertising Poster for Mitsuwa Soap
by Kinugawa Shizuo, 1930
88,000 yen
Asiatic Station - Squadron Routine, General Orders, Circulars
including mention of 2 oz. of whiskey in the Medical Emergency Box, 1890
55,000 yen
Kawakami's Henna Reader
Woodblock printed by Kawakami Sumio, 1934
55,000 yen
Buemon Kiryu Woodblock Printed Welcome
Given to a British tourist party, 1912
49,500 yen
The Goblin Spider
on crepe paper by Lafcadio Hearn, 1899
77,000 yen
The Cub's Triumph - Plain Paper Edition
Told to children by Mrs. T.H. James, 1886
99,000 yen
The Mouse's Wedding - Plain Paper Edition
translated by David Thompson, 1885
77,000 yen
Oyuchasan - Plain Paper Edition
by Lieutenant F.M. Bostwick, US Navy, 1890
143,000 yen
Saru-Kani Kassen
Scarce, uncoloured edition in French, 1885
88,000 yen
Shitakiri Suzume - Japanese Fairy Tale in French
On plain paper in fine condition, 1885
77,000 yen
The Wooden Bowl - Plain Paper Edition
Told in English by Mrs. T.H. James, 1887
99,000 yen
Illustrated Manuscript Book on Ogasawara School of Etiquette
Showing food presentation and room decoration methods, 1836
176,000 yen
Exhibition Poster of the Shunyokai Art Association
Designed by Kimura Shohachi, 1924
99,000 yen
Superb Woodblock Printed Triptych by Hiroshige II
Showing the English Legation on the Bluff at Yokohama, 1869
242,000 yen
The Japanese Months with Illustrations - Vol.I & II
by Okada Matsuo, 1894
165,000 yen
Tattooed Man and Palanquin
Large format albumen photo, c1880
110,000 yen

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