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Kacho Zue - Illustrations of Birds and Flowers
Complete set of 6 vol. by Kitao Shigemasa, 1805 & 1827
378,000 yen
Manuscript of samurai dressing
Series of 20 large single pages, 1850
216,000 yen
Japan's Year
by Julia Carrothers, 1905
The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement
by Josiah Conder, 1891
Illustrated Book of Different Insects
by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1892
237,600 yen
Encyclopedia of Noh Theatre Accessories - Complete Set of 4 Vols.
by Yamaguchi Ryoshu, 1924
145,800 yen
Encyclopedia of Weaving and Dyeing - Weaving Vol.1-4
edited by Tsujimatsu Takashi, 1913
Encyclopedia of Weaving and Dyeing - Dyeing Vol. 1-3
edited by Tsujimatsu Takashi, 1914
Large Coloured Movable Copperplate Print of the Chitose-za Theatre
with original woodblock printed sleeve, 1884
Manuscript Pair of Flower & Bird Illustrations
by Fukuda Shojo, 1893
97,200 yen
The Belles of Japan
by The Jiji Shimpo, 1908
97,200 yen
Questions and Answers About Nara
by Makiura Fusazo, 1906
Illustrations of Notable Places in Japan
by Totoya Hokkei, c1830s
74,520 yen
Kawanabe Kyosai Illustrated Book
Wonderful selection of woodblock prints, c1865
74,520 yen
Pictorial Descriptions of the Famous Places in Tokyo
by Miki Teiichi, 1887
64,800 yen
Practical Ventriloquism by Robert Ganthony
Scarce Japanese edition. Translated by Setsurai Sei, 1906
59,400 yen
Early Japanese Dutch Language Study Book
by Ito Keisuke, 1841
English Dictionary for Self Study
by George Quackenbos, 1872
43,200 yen
Early English-Japanese Phrase Book
by Kobayashi Koken, 1872
48,600 yen
Imperial Manuscript of Ceremonial Food Offerings
with superb hand drawn and coloured illustrations, c1780
Secret Book of Japanese Garden Construction
by Ehara Baisho, 1903
14,580 yen
Japanese Garden Pathway Construction
Matching pair filled with detailed illustrations, c1900
59,400 yen
By Georges Bigot, 1883
259,200 yen
Illustrated Book of the Stage in Fan Shapes
Art by Katsukawa Shuncho & Ippitsusai Buncho, 1917
86,400 yen
Group of 5 Official Meiji Government Publications
English translations published by the Japanese government, 1889
86,400 yen
Illustrated Reference Book of Historical Collections
by Aoyama Sekichi, 1906
12,960 yen
Miyoko with woodblock printed illustrations
1 of 500 copies by Haruo Sato, 1933
48,600 yen
Furyu Shiho Byobu 2 vol.
by Torii Kiyonobu, 1922
24,840 yen
Pair of Large Format Books with Handpainted Fan Designs
by Takahashi Hakusen, 1927
Tansai Gafu Vol. 2
Beautiful wooblock printed illustrations by Kyobashi Masuichi, 1934
64,800 yen

1 - 30 of 20 :