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Woodblock prints / ukiyoe

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Superb Woodblock Print of a Black Ship
Large format and unbacked, c1850s
Group of 12 Woodblock Printed Postcards
by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1900
121,000 yen
Woodblock Print of French Couple with Stereoscope
by Utagawa Yoshitora, 1861
121,000 yen
Woodblock Print of the English Balloonist Spencer
as portrayed by Onoe Kikugoro V in kabuki play, 1894
132,000 yen
Group of 29 Woodblock Printed Postcards
by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1910
Woodblock Print of American Man on Horse
by Utagawa Yoshitomi, 1861
66,000 yen
Woodblock Print of Amerian Couple
Lovely Yokohama-e by Utagawa Yoshikazu, 1860
88,000 yen
Woodblock Print of Englishman and Chinese man in Yokohama
by Utagawa (Gountei) Sadahide, 1861
110,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Surimono in Original Paper Sleeve
by Art Dealer Eikichi Kumegawa of Kobe, c1890
187,000 yen
Collection of 270 Woodblock Printed Envelope Samples
Shushu - Complete set of 3 volumes, 1924-25
242,000 yen
Woodblock Print of French Photographer
Likely a depiction of Antoine Fauchery and his wife, 1861
Yubin Hochi Shimbun - Yoshitoshi
3 issues including ghosts, 1875
121,000 yen
How to Make Japanese Color Prints
Yoshikawa Book Store, Yokohama, 1935
Album with 25 Kanto Earthquake Woodblock Prints
Impressive volume by nine different artists, 1926
275,000 yen
Woodblock Print of English Soldier and Steamboat
Large, tanzaku print, c1860
99,000 yen
Superb woodblock printed map of Yokohama
by Utagawa Yoshikazu, 1868
330,000 yen
Collection of 90 Woodblock Printed Envelope Samples
Wonderful array of designs, 1924
Itcho Kyogashu - Caricatures by Hanabusa Itcho
Lovely, woodblock printed book, 1888
110,000 yen
Group of 16 woodblock printed saitan (surimono)
Lovely range of designs by various artists, c1880
220,000 yen
Unused Woodblock Printed Paper Package Design
to be made into a bag for a Japanese sweet, 1898
77,000 yen
Hana Tsuma - Large Book of Woodblock Printed Kimono Designs
by Unsodo for Matsuya Clothing Store, 1908
Woodblock Printed Kabuki Triptych with Kinder Powder Advertisement
by Morikawa Chikashige, 1880
110,000 yen
Tale of Genji Album with 30 Lovely Woodblock Printed Crepe Paper Prints
Published by Fukuda Hatsujiro, 1897
385,000 yen
French Circus in the Precincts of the Asakusa Kannon Temple
Woodblock printed triptych by Utagawa Kuniteru II, 1871
220,000 yen
The Rabbits' Dream of Peaceful Rest
Woodblock printed triptych by Kobayashi Eitaku, 1873
121,000 yen
Kyoto. Compliments of Kyoto Exhibitors' Association
Published for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893
165,000 yen
Sono no Kaori - Stunning Japanese design book
with 10 superb woodblock prints by 10 different artists, 1903
770,000 yen
Stunning Woodblock Printed Book of Views of Mount Fuji
12 large format prints by Hokusai, 1889
660,000 yen
Sales Room at a Foreign Merchant Shop in Yokohama
Woodblock printed triptych by Gountei Sadahide, 1861
176,000 yen
Woodblock Print of Ladies Looking at Photos
by Yoshu Chikanobu, c1890
Woodblock Printed Diptych of Scene from The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1886
55,000 yen
Set of 8 Woodblock Printed Envelopes
by Hasegawa Sadanobu III, c1930s
55,000 yen
Lovely, colour woodblock print by Komura Settai
In fine condition, c1930
88,000 yen
Stories of Good Women and Evil Women
20 Woodblock prints by Toyohara Kunichika, 1881
Large Woodblock Print of Noh Masks
Lovely colours, striking design, c1900
22,000 yen
The Geisha Otsuru of Shimbashi Reading a Book
by Kunichika, 1870
55,000 yen
Stunning Woodblock Print Book by Tawaraya Sotatsu
published by Unsodo, 1910
Woodblock Printed Book of Takarabune (Mythical Treasure Ships)
Edited by Inoue Kazuo, 1918
77,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Album by Ogata Gekko
Lovely album published by Matsuki Heikichi with English shop label, c1895
Folding Album of Crepe Paper Prints of Children and their Activities
by Miyagawa Shuntei, 1897
Woodblock prints of English language cards
by Kinkado and Kobayashi Eitaku, c1890
99,000 yen
The Parlor Magic by O. Kai & Co.
Woodblock printed magic game, c1890
Woodblock Printed Advertising Poster for Wakyogan medicine
Large, coloured print in very good condition, c1890
121,000 yen
The Portraits of the Forty-Seven Ronin
Large format woodblock printed book by Tanaka Umesaburo, 1885
Woodblock Printed Triptych of Six Japanese Ladies in Western-style Dresses Sewing
by Adachi Ginko, 1887
110,000 yen
Two Folding Albums with Lovely Array of Book Cover Designs
Containing 100 tipped in woodbock printed designs, 1927
Woodblock Printed Triptych of the Mass Murder at the Sugitoya Brothel
by Yoshu Chikanobu, 1880
Colour, woodblock print of Westerners and Large Camera
Most likely the first ever illustration of a camera in a ukiyoe, 1860
Ukiyoe Triptych of 4 People with Inro Visible
by Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada), c1850
110,000 yen
Ukiyoe Triptych of 3 Kabuki Actors with Inro Visible
by Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada), c1850
77,000 yen

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