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Woodblock prints / ukiyoe

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Lovely folding album of colour woodblock prints
Contains 20 prints, c1900
93,500 yen
Okyo Calendar for 1909 -Rare Uncut Sheets
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1909
129,600 yen
Lovely Group of 13 Silhouette Woodblock Tanzaku Prints
published by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1930s
Woodblock Print of Numbers and Roman Numerals
Lovely coloured woodblock print, c1890
34,560 yen
Nogaku Zue
by Tsukioka Kogyo, 1900-1904
48,600 yen
Hokoku Zushu - 3 vol. set Published for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
by Sawada Seiichiro & Kinkozan Sobei, 1915
Origami Designs
by Kawarazaki Kodo, 1935
Japanese Colour-Prints
by P. Neville Barnett, 1936
132,000 yen
Complete Set of Hiroshige's 53 Stages of the Tokaido
Woodblock printed numbered set., c1915
74,520 yen
Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan - The Ghost of Oiwa
Diptych by Toyokuni III (Kunisada), c1862
81,000 yen
Set of 36 Woodblock Printed Noh Masks
Unbacked, well-executed prints, c.1920s
37,800 yen
Beautiful Accordion-style Album of Woodblock Prints
Landscapes, Nature and People., 1862
59,400 yen
Kawanabe Kyosai Illustrated Book
Wonderful selection of woodblock prints, c1865
74,520 yen
Woodblock Printed Books of Palanquins 2 vol.
Edited by Imaizumi Teisuke, 1900
Comparison of Days and Nights in Edo Brocade Pictures
The Ghost of the Old Tanuki and Kusunoki Masatsura, 1886
64,800 yen
Comparison of Days and Nights in Edo Brocade Pictures
Sato Tadanobu before being attacked, 1886
48,600 yen
Woodblock Printed Postcards
Group of 21 cards, c1930s
The Tsukiji Hotel in Tokyo - Woodblock printed triptych
by Utagawa Hiroshige III, 1870
216,000 yen
Early Japanese World Map
by Kurihara Nobuaki, c.1848
162,000 yen
The Japan Punch
by Charles Wirgman, 1867
Tokyo Tsukiji Hotel Woodblock Printed Triptych
by Hiroshige III, c1870
Saigo Takamori in Nirvana
by Nagashima Tatsugoro, 1877
86,400 yen
Woodblock Print Triptych of America
by Yoshitora, 1867
86,400 yen
Woodblock Print of Foreign Man and Woman
by Yoshitora, 1861
34,560 yen
Thirty Two Faces, One Hundred Expressions - 8 woodblock prints
by Kobayashi Kiyochika, 1883
162,000 yen
Collection of 18 Soap Labels
by Isoemon Tsutsumi, Japan's first soap maker, c.1880s
68,040 yen
Sui no Futokoro
by Sagawa Mineji, 1862
48,600 yen
Woodblock Printed Detailed Map of Yokohama
by Yamamura Kiyosuke, 1878
Collection of Desires - Wishing to Travel Overseas
by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1878
97,200 yen
Woodblock Printed Triptych showing the Sugawaraya and Yonedaya.
by Kunimasa, 1872
91,800 yen

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