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Yokohama Shinpo - Moshiogusa (15 volumes)
by Eugene Van Reed Kishida Ginko, 1868-70
275,000 yen
Pair of Beautiful Handmade Fans
Sold by Haibara Naojiro, c1890
Paper Samples of the Fuji Paper Co. Ltd.
To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the company, c1913
48,600 yen
Japanese and International Flag Designs
Fantastic selection of 131 hand drawn & coloured flags, c1860s
189,000 yen
Large Coloured Movable Copperplate Print of the Chitose-za Theatre
with original woodblock printed sleeve, 1884
Folder with 22 Original Signboard Designs
by Sometani Chikutei, c1930
59,400 yen
Woodblock Printed Postcards
Group of 21 cards, c1930s
Engraving of Kitamuraya Hotel, Ise
by Nakachu Koin, Nagoya, c1895
Tenugui and Happi Coat Design Book
128 towel designs & 20 happi designs, c1930
37,800 yen
Original World's Columbian Exposition Award
Presented to Jiubei Komatsu, Oita, Japan, 1893
The Japan Punch
by Charles Wirgman, 1867
The Japan Express (Yokohama Newspaper)
Published by Raphael Schoyer, 1862
302,400 yen
Kabuki Programme for The Prince of Wales' Japan Visit
Original performances made especially for HRH, 1922
64,800 yen
Collection of 18 Soap Labels
by Isoemon Tsutsumi, Japan's first soap maker, c.1880s
68,040 yen
The Nagasaki Shipping List & Advertiser
The first English newspaper published in Japan, 1861
302,400 yen
1906 Japanese Sailor Visit to London Broadside, 1906
64,800 yen

1 - 16 of 16 :