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Early Japanese World Map
by Kurihara Nobuaki, c.1848
162,000 yen
Large Map of Kyushu
by H.O. Wichers, 1860
49,680 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan (1st ed.)
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1880
Atami, The Riviera of Japan
Atami Hotel (Kishi Mamoru), c1920
Club Hotel Guide to Tokyo and Yokohama, Nikko, the Hot Springs of Miyanoshita etc. Japan
by Douglas Sladen, 1891
Woodblock Printed Detailed Map of Yokohama
by Yamamura Kiyosuke, 1878
86,400 yen
A Concise Dictionary of the Principal Roads, Chief Towns and Villages of Japan
by William N. Whitney, 1889
49,680 yen
Superb 1669 Map from Osaka to Edo & Nagasaki to Osaka
by Arnoldus Montanus, 1669
The Official Railway & Steamboat Traveller's Guide with General Information for Tourists in Japan
The Japan Gazette, 1890
97,200 yen
Illustrated Guide to Kyoto & Its Suburbs
by Yoshii Tsunetaro, 1893
37,800 yen

1 - 10 of 10 :