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Early Japanese World Map
by Kurihara Nobuaki, c.1848
166,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Plots of Land in Sano Village, Kanzaki-gun, c1880s
44,000 yen
Handbook of Information for Shippers & Passengers by the Steamers of Nippon Yusen Kaisha
in beautiful condition, 1904
55,000 yen
Tourist's Handbook of Japanese Words and Phrases
published by K. Tamamura (Photographer), c1890
55,000 yen
Guide Map of Nikko with scarce Key
edited by Sugie Kinzo, 1884
99,000 yen
Tabi no Tsurezure - For Travellers' Ennui
by Delano Eastlake M.D., 1903
77,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Maps Showing the Cadastre in Terauchi and Horinouchi Villages, Katori-gun, Chiba
2 volumes filled with hand drawn folding maps, 1888
99,000 yen
A Guide on Hakone
tr. by Chiju Tsuchiya, 1899
44,000 yen
A Guide to Osaka Japan
with numerous illustrations and advertisements, 1913
44,000 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan - 3rd edition
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1887
154,000 yen
Nagasaki City and Prefecture Maps
Pair of Coloured, Copperplate Printed Maps in Fine Condition, 1887
275,000 yen
A New and Complete Map of Tokyo
Very nice, coloured copperplate printed map, 1895
110,000 yen
Map of The Environs of Yokohama
Compiled and Drawn by A. Farsari, 1887
143,000 yen
New Map of Tokyo with 1,300 Cho References
by Nishinomiya Matsunosuke, 1888
220,000 yen
Japan Roads and Railways - 3 map set
In fine condition, 1891
110,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Osaka
with inset maps of Kobe, Sakai, and Nara, 1887
77,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Kobe & Hiogo
with directory of foreign businesses, 1888
121,000 yen
Copperplate Printed, Coloured Map of Nagoya
Very nice impression, 1890
110,000 yen
The Japan Railway Directory with General Appendixes
Compiled and published by K. Zaitsu, 1890
110,000 yen
Hints to Tourists on Curio Buying
by Deakin Bros. & Co., c1892
66,000 yen
Handbook of Information for Shippers & Passengers by the Steamers of Nippon Yusen Kaisha
Scarce edition, 1899
49,500 yen
Notes for Tourists to Miyanoshita and The Immediate Vicinity
with compliments of The Fujiya Hotel, c1910
38,500 yen
Photograph Album of Miyajima
Scarce in original glassine sleeve, 1906
55,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Map of Bancho, Tokyo
by Owariya Kiyoshichi, c1890
55,000 yen
Large, early, folding map of Osaka
by Shitomi Kangyu, 1825
154,000 yen
Map of Yokohama and Vicinity
with compliments of the Club Hotel Ltd. Yokohama, Japan, c1906
77,000 yen
The Club Hotel, Limited. Guide Book of Yokohama, Tokyo
and the Principal Places in Japan, c1901
77,000 yen
Yokohama Offing Map
Showing the Positions of the Fleet for the Review on its Return from the War, 1905
55,000 yen
Guide Book of Yedo - The Tokio Guide
The first English guidebook to Tokyo, 1874
242,000 yen
The Yokohama Guide
The first English guidebook to Yokohama, 1874
242,000 yen
Superb woodblock printed map of Yokohama
by Utagawa Yoshikazu, 1868
275,000 yen
Westward to the Far East
A Guide to the Principal Cities in China and Japan, 1893
99,000 yen
Scarce English and French Language Study Book
Very uncommon orihon, 1871
77,000 yen
World Atlas by Hashimoto Gyokuransai
Superb with original paper sleeve, 1866
660,000 yen
Japanese Map of the World
by Nagata Hosei, 1875
220,000 yen
Guide to Yokohama and Tokio
A. Farsari & Co., 1888
154,000 yen
Famous Views in Kyoto, Japan
Illustrated pair of woodblock printed books, 1893
110,000 yen
Japan and Her Exhibits
at the Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition at Philadelphia, 1926
55,000 yen
Famous Views in Kyoto
with 20 coloured copperplate prints plus map, 1891
165,000 yen
City of Nagoya Japan
Wonderful book with numerous woodblock printed illustrations, 1910
242,000 yen
Large, Woodblock Printed Map of Newly-Opened Port of Yokohama
by Gyokuransai Sadahide (Hashimoto), 1859
495,000 yen
Illustrated Guide to Kyoto & Its Suburbs
by Yoshii Tsunetaro, 1893
Superb 1669 Map from Osaka to Edo & Nagasaki to Osaka
by Arnoldus Montanus, 1669
A Concise Dictionary of the Principal Roads, Chief Towns and Villages of Japan
by William N. Whitney, 1889
Woodblock Printed Detailed Map of Yokohama
by Yamamura Kiyosuke, 1878
Club Hotel Guide to Tokyo and Yokohama, Nikko, the Hot Springs of Miyanoshita etc. Japan
by Douglas Sladen, 1891
Original Illustrated Black Ships Manuscript
Superb find. Very rare, 1854
Atami, The Riviera of Japan
Atami Hotel (Kishi Mamoru), c1920
Large Map of Kyushu
by H.O. Wichers, 1860
Manuscript Book of Castle Plans
Beautifully coloured and hand drawn diagrams, c1680s

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