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Conversation Francais-Japonais
by Yamasaki Shosaku, 1898
49,500 yen
Phrases in English and Japanese, Elementary for the Children
by Matsuoka Saikiyo [Akira], 1872
Early Illustrated English Study Book
by Ogawa Kinsuke, 1871
Méthode de lecture - Published in Yedo
Very early French study book, 1869
Syllabary of Japanese Letters
by Kato Yuichi & Murata Kaiseki, 1874
Seion Hatsubi - Japanese Books for Dutch Language Study
by Otsuki Genkan, 1826
154,000 yen
Place Names of Cities and Countries in Japanese
Obscure work, c1870
38,500 yen
Early English Study Book - Shubunkan
Published by the school S.R. Brown taught at, 1869
Rangaku Kaitei
Pioneering work by Otsuki Gentaku, 1788
242,000 yen
Early Japanese Dutch Language Study Book
by Ito Keisuke, 1841
English Dictionary for Self Study
by George Quackenbos, 1872
44,000 yen
Early English-Japanese Phrase Book
by Kobayashi Koken, 1872
49,500 yen
Waei Tsuin Iroha Benran - Tosa han English study book
with the clock hands present, 1868
A Vocabulary of the Most Commonly Used Synonymous Words
by Gentaro Tomita, 1895
First English Japanese Phrasebook by Fukuzawa Yukichi
Nice example of a scarce book, 1860
77,000 yen
Pair of Rangaku (Dutch Study) Books Published in Japan
by Mitsukuri Genpo, 1848 & 1857
Introduction to German
One of the Earliest German Textbooks Published in Japan, 1870
English, French & Dutch Dictionary
by Murakami Hidetoshi, 1854
Grammar of the Japanese Spoken Language
by W. G Aston, 1873
Early English Grammar Study Guide
by Abe Tomonoshin, 1867
33,000 yen

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