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Japanese crepe paper books and related publications

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Japanese Topsyturvy-dom
by Emily S. Patton, 1896
129,600 yen
Calendar for 1911 on crepe paper
by The Shimbi Shoin, 1911
48,600 yen
Views of Fair Japan - Calendar for 1912
On crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1911
Forty-Seven Ronin - Crepe Paper Edition
by Tanaka Umesaburo, 1893
129,600 yen
Korin Calendar
Superb Hasegawa calendar on crepe paper, 1905
The Smiling Book
The rarest of all Hasegawa's crepe paper books, 1896
The Russo-Japanese War
Very scarce large format crepe paper book, 1904
237,600 yen
The Goblin Spider - Lafcadio Hearn
Elusive plain paper edition, 1926
The Fountain of Youth - Lafcadio Hearn
Elusive plain paper edition, 1930
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Rare Large Format Crepe Paper Book by Jujiya & Co., 1898
216,000 yen
Princess Splendor - The Woodcutter's Daughter
Beautiful crepe paper work by Hasegawa, 1892
162,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Crepe Paper Calendar
The Flower Arrangements by Takejiro Hasegawa, 1939
Au Japon - Les douze mois de l'annee
Crepe paper book in French by Jules Adam, 1931
86,400 yen
Woodblock Printed Crepe Paper Calendar for 1913
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1912
74,520 yen
The Goblin Spider
by Lafcadio Hearn, 1899
64,800 yen
Le Bras De L'Ogre
tr. by J. Dautremer, 1913
34,560 yen
Le Viellard Et Les Demons
tr. by J. Dautremer, 1897
34,560 yen
Au Japon Les Raconteurs Publics
by Jules Adam, 1934
74,520 yen
Aino Fairy Tales - The Hunter in Fairy-land
by B. H. Chamberlain, 1887
97,200 yen
Monthly Changes of Japanese Street Scenes - Calendar for 1903
publ. by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1901
The Children's Japan
by Mrs. W. H. Smith, 1895
74,520 yen
Set of 5 Crepe Paper Japanese Fairy Tales
by Lafcadio Hearn, 1931
367,200 yen
by Kate James, 1932
The Flowers of Remembrance and Forgetfulness
by Mrs. T.H. James, No date (but c1890s)
Japanese Pictures of Japanese Life
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1903

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