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Japanische Dichtungen Weissaster
Very scarce plain (hosho) paper edition, 1907
220,000 yen
Kachi Kachi Yama - Japanese Fairy Tale in English
Very scarce true 1st edition in plain brown covers., 1885
198,000 yen
Bijutsu Shinpo - Art Journal Vol. 13 No.3
with important article about Hasegawa Takejiro, 1914
The Wooden Bowl - Scarce plain paper edition
Told in English by Mrs. T.H. James, 1887
77,000 yen
Dawn of the Century - Calendar for 1901
The Months of Japanese Children, 1900
110,000 yen
Calendar 1897
on crepe paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1897
Complete Set of 10 Japanese Fairy Tales on Crepe Paper in Spanish
In original box and tissue sleeves, 1914
550,000 yen
Calendar 1926 - Silhouette Designs on Crepe Paper
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1925
88,000 yen
Aino Fairy Tales - The Hunter in Fairy-Land
by B. H. Chamberlain, 1887
110,000 yen
Folding Album of Crepe Paper Prints of Children and their Activities
by Miyagawa Shuntei, 1897
Calendar 1895
Earliest known Hasegawa crepe paper calendar, 1894
Fables Choisies de Florian
Matching Two-Volume Pair by Pierre Barboutau, 1895
165,000 yen
Street Scenes of Old Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning crepe paper book with art by Hiroshige, 1908
Calendar for 1911 on crepe paper
by The Shimbi Shoin, 1910
99,000 yen
Oyuchasan - Scarce plain paper edition
by Lieutenant F.M. Bostwick, US Navy, 1890
154,000 yen
The Enchanted Waterfall
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1892
The Ogres of Oyeyama
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1891
Wampaku Monogatari Dai I
The first Western children's stories translated into Japanese, 1887
The Wonderful Mallet - Crepe Paper Book
Told in English by Mrs. T.H. James, 1899
66,000 yen
Japanese Customs From Ancient to Modern Vol. I
by Kawaura Kenichi, 1896
Very scarce Crepe Paper Christmas and New Year Greeting Card
Custom made by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1900
Promotional Crepe Paper Booklet of Bunkio Matsuki, Boston
Absolutely superb, custom made beauty by Takejiro Hasegawa, c1894
The Rokkasen
by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1894
132,000 yen
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Rare Large Format Crepe Paper Book by Jujiya & Co., 1898
220,000 yen
The Wonderful Tea Kettle in Russian
The most elusive of Hasegawa's crepe paper fairy tales, 1898
List of Books
Published by T. Hasegawa, Tokyo, 1892
A Ditty of the Far East
Crepe paper booklet by Hasegawa, 1892
A Few Words from T & T
Custom made crepe paper advertising book by Hasegawa, c1890
Calendar for 1911 [Crepe paper book]
Scarce design probably by Shimbi Shoin, c1910
The Months of Japanese Children for 1910
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1909
The Months of Japanese Children - For 1906
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1905
Floral Japan by Flora Sweet
The scarcest of Akiyama's large format crepe paper books, 1896
385,000 yen
Ceremonial Japan by Dolly Belle
Published by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1896
Momotaro oder Pfirschling [Japanese Fairy Tale in German]
Scarce plain paper edition, 1889
66,000 yen
Calendar for 1917 [Crepe paper book]
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1916
Calendar for 1910 [Crepe paper book]
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1908
77,000 yen
Calendar for 1906 [Crepe paper book]
by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1905
88,000 yen
Spurven der mistede sin Tunge [The Tongue-Cut Sparrow]
Japanese fairy tale in Danish, 1886
176,000 yen
Scenes from the Japan-China War
Large format crepe paper book., 1895
A Collection of Ukiyoe Masters - Calendar for 1931
Plain paper calendar in original envelope, 1930
88,000 yen
Life Scenes of Japan
by Leo Marescaux. Scarce 4th edition., 1957
77,000 yen
Monthly Changes of Japanese Street Scenes - Calendar for 1906
Woodblock printed on crepe paper., 1905
110,000 yen
Japanese Proverbs and Pictures
Selected and edited by Frederick Starr, 1910
Japanese Fairy Tale Series No.1 - Momotaro
published by The Kobunsha for Griffith Farran , 1885
Street Scenes of Old Japan - Calendar 1910
Lovely crepe paper work by Hasegawa, 1910
110,000 yen
The Rat's Plaint - Crepe Paper Book
Translated from the original Chinese by Archibald Little, 1892
77,000 yen
Japanese Exhibition Catalogue on crepe paper
by Louis Williams, 1896
176,000 yen
Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese
Done into English Verse by Shotaro Kimura & Charlotte M. A. Peake, 1908-1937
99,000 yen
Street Scenes of Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning work with art by Hiroshige, 1908
Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism 3rd ed.
Crepe Paper book by Paul Carus, 1896
66,000 yen

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