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Illustrated Japanese manuscripts

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Manuscript of Battle Wear for Horse Artillery
Large format. Unusual and scarce., c1850s
64,800 yen
Ryobi Shahitsu - Elegant Brushstrokes
Historically important hand drawn manuscript book by Hokusai, 1820
Stunning Manuscript Book Showing How Samurai Put On Armour
by Matsuyama, 1721
Hand Drawn Manuscript of Ceremonial Headwear
Beautifully detailed designs, 1806
129,600 yen
Manuscript Book of Plots of Land in Nishinari-gun, Osaka
Written in a Very Distinct Hand, c1800
Manuscript Book of Castle Plans
Beautifully coloured and hand drawn diagrams, c1680s
45,360 yen
Manuscript Book of Banners of Samurai Clans
Superb artwork, c1850s
Original Illustrated Black Ships Manuscript
Superb find. Very rare, 1854
Hand Drawn Manuscript of Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1820s-1840s
Large Book of Superb Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1870s
Manuscript of Banners of Samurai Clans
Author unknown, c1780s
Manuscript of 90 Famous Tsuba (Sword Guards) Designs
No author, c1820s-40s
129,600 yen

1 - 12 of 12 :