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Illustrated Japanese manuscripts

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Manuscript of One Hundred Transmogrified Birds
by Yamamoto Kisei, c1780
187,000 yen
Illustrated Manuscript of How to Prepare Game Birds
Secret Ogasawara-ryu Book, 1829
121,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Iwate Area Maps
with 18 hand-drawn and coloured maps, 1863
187,000 yen
Scroll in Dutch written by Rangaku Scholar Yoshio Shunzo
Signed and dated, 1825
220,000 yen
The Twelve Divine Generals
12 Large, Hand-drawn illustrations, c1890
88,000 yen
Lovely, manuscript book of famous women in Japanese history
with 19 finely drawn illustrations, 1920
Ikebana Manuscript Book in Colour with Hand-Drawn Arrangements
by Shogessai Ippo (Ichimine), c1860
66,000 yen
Ikebana Manuscript with Hand-Drawn Arrangements
Selections by Masters (iemoto), c1890
77,000 yen
Manuscript books on Tengen Physiognomy
3 Books including one with movable wheel, c1925
88,000 yen
Unique, Hand-Drawn, Folding, Artist's album of Netsuke and Inro Designs
Exquisitely drawn, detailed designs, c1870
440,000 yen
Manuscript of Coloured Drawings from Honen Shonin Eden
Superb detailed designs, c1860
165,000 yen
Ikebana Manuscript with Hand-Drawn and Coloured Arrangements
Ikenobo School, c1800
The Truth about the Whymark Case
Handwritten manuscript about rent dispute, 1909
66,000 yen
Manuscript on Samples of Building Permits and Agreements for the French National Railway
Japanese translation of a French book, c1890
44,000 yen
Two Manuscript Books - Nosonomy and Gynaecology
handwritten by a Japanese doctor, c1900
77,000 yen
Early Japanese Version of 'The Poultry Book' by Tegetmeier
Handwritten manuscript, c1890
55,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Maps Showing the Cadastre in Terauchi and Horinouchi Villages, Katori-gun, Chiba
2 volumes filled with hand drawn folding maps, 1888
99,000 yen
Important and Unique Manuscript Catalogue Album of Japanese Folding Screens (Byobu)
with 55 exquisite, hand-drawn and hand-coloured designs, c1870
3,300,000 yen
Manuscript Book Showing the Cadastre in Yamada Village, Keta-gun, Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture
Hand drawn, coloured and in very good condition, c1885
66,000 yen
Album of Hand Drawn Japanese Designs for Kimono
Large format, 1895
88,000 yen
Manuscript of Onigawara Roof Tile Designs
Stamped with the name Ise Bungoro, c1850
77,000 yen
Shoshoku Ekagami (pictues of various trades)
Original by Kuwagata Keisai (aka Kitao Masayoshi), 1900
77,000 yen
Large Format Kimono Design Manuscript
containing a very unusual militaristic design., c1900
99,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Famous Lanterns
Beautifully drawn designs, c1840
66,000 yen
Bronzeware Original Designs Trove
Yoshikawa Shoten - Kyoto, c1900
132,000 yen
Album of Samurai Clan Banners
Beautifully coloured, large manuscript, c1860
154,000 yen
Yanagawa Shigenobu Sketchbook
Unique collection of skillfully drawn illustrations, c1890
Gunyoki - manuscript of Samurai Customs
by Ise Heizo Sadatake, 1769
220,000 yen
Manuscript of Samurai Banners, Flags and Jimbaori
by Iwasaki Koryu, 1852
132,000 yen
Manuscript of How to Wear Samurai Armour
Hand drawn and coloured, 1844
99,000 yen
Manuscript on How to Wear Samurai Yoroi
Copied by Kano Jiro, Fujiwara Nobuyuki, 1841
176,000 yen
Manuscript Showing Land Acreage, Addresses in Ichinomiya, Chiba
Hand drawn and coloured, c1890
Large Format Kimono Design Book
Full of delicate designs with subtle colouring, c1890
77,000 yen
Two Hundred Illustrations of Japanese Arms and Armour
by Kobayashi Sukemichi, 1848
385,000 yen
Manuscript on Archery and Etiquette
by Ikuta Jutaho, 1645
242,000 yen
Honcho Gunkiko (Japanese Armour & Weapons)
Hand drawn manuscript, c1800
Tobae Manuscript
Unrecorded work., 1852
Manuscript on Archery Quivers
by Ise Heizo Sadatake, 1765
110,000 yen
Hand Drawn Kimono Design Book
Artist unknown, c1840
Early Japanese Manuscript - Russian Language Study
Fascinating work including astronomical tables in English, c1800
220,000 yen
Unique Trove of Samurai Armour Designs
Hand-drawn and coloured from the late Edo era, c1830s
264,000 yen
Original Hand Drawn Illustration of Foreign Ship
Finely drawn and in very good condition, c1855
Japanese and International Flag Designs
Fantastic selection of 131 hand drawn & coloured flags, c1860s
Complete Map of the Provinces of Japan
Manuscript in 2 volumes, c1840
121,000 yen
Large Kimono Design Book
Beautifully coloured & detailed designs, c1900
97,200 yen
Sarasa Woodblock Printed Design Book
Various artists, 1914
55,000 yen
Manuscript of samurai dressing
Series of 20 large single pages, 1850
216,000 yen
Manuscript Pair of Flower & Bird Illustrations
by Fukuda Shojo, 1893
Imperial Manuscript of Ceremonial Food Offerings
with superb hand drawn and coloured illustrations, c1780
Japanese Garden Pathway Construction
Matching pair filled with detailed illustrations, c1900

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