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Illustrated Japanese manuscripts

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Manuscript of Samurai Banners, Flag and Jimbaori
by Iwasaki Koryu, 1852
129,600 yen
Manuscript of How to Wear Samurai Armour
Hand drawn and coloured, 1844
97,200 yen
Manuscript of Samurai Armour
by Tosuiko, c1800
259,200 yen
Manuscript on How to Wear Samurai Yoroi
Copied by Kano Jiro, Fujiwara Nobuyuki, 1841
172,800 yen
Manuscript Showing Land Acreage, Addresses in Ichinomiya, Chiba
Hand drawn and coloured, c1890
Large Format Kimono Design Book
Full of delicate designs with subtle colouring, c1890
74,520 yen
Two Hundred Illustrations of Japanese Arms and Armour
by Kobayashi Sukemichi, 1848
378,000 yen
Manuscript on Archery and Etiquette
by Ikuta Jutaho, 1645
259,200 yen
Honcho Gunkiko (Japanese Armour & Weapons)
Hand drawn manuscript, c1800
Tobae Manuscript
Unrecorded work., 1852
59,400 yen
Manuscript on Archery Quivers
by Ise Heizo Sadatake, 1765
259,200 yen
Hand Drawn Kimono Design Book
Artist unknown, c1840
Early Japanese Manuscript - Russian Language Study
Fascinating work including astronomical tables in English, c1800
216,000 yen
Unique Trove of Samurai Armour Designs
Hand-drawn and coloured from the late Edo era, c1830s
259,200 yen
Original Hand Drawn Illustration of Foreign Ship
Finely drawn and in very good condition, c1855
43,200 yen
Japanese and International Flag Designs
Fantastic selection of 131 hand drawn & coloured flags, c1860s
189,000 yen
Complete Map of the Provinces of Japan
Manuscript in 2 volumes, c1840
129,600 yen
Large Kimono Design Book
Beautifully coloured & detailed designs, c1900
97,200 yen
Sarasa Woodblock Printed Design Book
Various artists, 1914
64,800 yen
Manuscript of samurai dressing
Series of 20 large single pages, 1850
216,000 yen
Manuscript Pair of Flower & Bird Illustrations
by Fukuda Shojo, 1893
Imperial Manuscript of Ceremonial Food Offerings
with superb hand drawn and coloured illustrations, c1780
Japanese Garden Pathway Construction
Matching pair filled with detailed illustrations, c1900
Hand drawn Illustrated Album by Hikita Uryu
Impressive album depicting characters from Japanese legends, c1840
237,600 yen
Fascinating handwritten manuscript on shooting
Targets to hit on animals, samurai, insects, grass and even clouds!, 1699
302,400 yen
An Illustrated Description of Three Countries - Manuscript
by Hayashi Shihei, 1785
162,000 yen
Manuscript Book of Plots of Land in Sano Village, Kanzaki-gun, c1880s
48,600 yen
Record of Acupuncture Experiments on Living Things - Manuscript
by Osuka Yoshio (Ryogan), 1875
Poems of the 36 Immortals - Handwritten manuscript
with delightful and delicate illustrations, 1749
64,800 yen
Manuscript of Samurai Armour Shoulder Cover Designs
Striking, detailed designs, c1780
74,520 yen
Handwritten Japanese Sword Manuscript
Detailed designs, 1867
59,400 yen
Extraordinary Bakumatsu Era Archive of Nabeshima-han Manuscript Documents
Unique assortment of handwritten documents of the Hideshima family, Dated 1856-1860
Manuscript Book of Shipwrecked Japanese Sailors' Visit to Russia
Stunning version of Kankai Ibun, c1807
518,400 yen
Manuscript of Battle Wear for Horse Artillery
Large format. Unusual and scarce., c1850s
64,800 yen
Ryobi Shahitsu - Elegant Brushstrokes
Historically important hand drawn manuscript book by Hokusai, 1820
Stunning Manuscript Book Showing How Samurai Put On Armour
by Matsuyama, 1721
Hand Drawn Manuscript of Ceremonial Headwear
Beautifully detailed designs, 1806
129,600 yen
Manuscript Book of Plots of Land in Nishinari-gun, Osaka
Written in a Very Distinct Hand, c1800
Manuscript Book of Castle Plans
Beautifully coloured and hand drawn diagrams, c1680s
45,360 yen
Manuscript Book of Banners of Samurai Clans
Superb artwork, c1850s
237,600 yen
Original Illustrated Black Ships Manuscript
Superb find. Very rare, 1854
Hand Drawn Manuscript of Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1820s-1840s
129,600 yen
Large Book of Superb Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1870s
Manuscript of Banners of Samurai Clans
Author unknown, c1780s
Manuscript of 90 Famous Tsuba (Sword Guards) Designs
No author, c1820s-40s

1 - 45 of 45 :