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Illustrated Japanese books

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World Atlas by Hashimoto Gyokuransai
Superb with original paper sleeve, 1866
660,000 yen
Kita Ezo Zusetsu - Illustrated Books on Sakhalin
Complete Set of 4 Books by Mamiya Rinzo, 1855
550,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Book of People and Nature
by Kitazume Yukei, 1879
44,000 yen
Lilies of Japan
Filled with lovely, colour lithographs, 1917
176,000 yen
Famous Views in Kyoto, Japan
Illustrated pair of woodblock printed books, 1893
110,000 yen
Shiki no Hanazono
by Ogawa Anson, 1895
88,000 yen
Fuji Hakkei
Eight woodblock printed views of Mount Fuji, 1899
77,000 yen
New Stories of Strange Machines
by Aso Sukekichi, 1869
77,000 yen
Chinki Monogatari
Illustrated by Kawanabe Kyosai, 1872
176,000 yen
Programme of Entertainment
in honour of H.I.H. Prince Tsai Hsun, 1910
110,000 yen
Portraits of Famous Japanese People
with 16 colour woodblock prints, c1895
121,000 yen
Portraits of Famous Kabuki Actors
with 20 colour woodblock prints by Utagawa Kunihide, c1900
121,000 yen
Famous Views in Kyoto
with 20 coloured copperplate prints plus map, 1891
165,000 yen
Pictures of A Hundred Eminent Japanese Ancient & Modern
2 vols. by Miki Teiichi and tr. by Takahashi Gorō, 1887 & 1890
385,000 yen
Tōkei Utamakura Manpuku Tenkarafuru
by anti-Westernisation author, Mantei Ōga, 1886
132,000 yen
City of Nagoya Japan
Wonderful book with numerous woodblock printed illustrations, 1910
242,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Orihon of Nikko Temple Procession
with numerous colour illustrations, 1889
143,000 yen
Ehon Yamato Shikyō - 3 volumes
by Bazan Shōfu, 1782
154,000 yen
Kigen Kurabe - A Comparison of Moods
Humorous woodblock printed book by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, c1885
165,000 yen
Sansuicho - Woodblock printed book of landscapes
by the artist priest Unshitsu, 1823
99,000 yen
The Tale of the Ghost Ship - Yōkaisen
by Wilhelm Hauff , 1888
176,000 yen
Soda San in London - A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts
by Mr. Tarōkaja (Masuda Tarō), c1908
242,000 yen
Hokusai Gojūsantsugi Dōchu Gafu
Classic woodblock printed book, 1835
385,000 yen
Mino Kikan by Miura Chiharu
with woodblock printed illustrations of fishing with cormorants, 1880
121,000 yen
Kendo Hitorigeiko
Early self-practice guide by Yamamoto Kansuke, c1860s-70s
132,000 yen
Yokomoji Shiiri Dodoitsu - Poems in Japanese and Romaji
Scarce book of late Edo era poetry, c1868
154,000 yen
Sokuryō Shinshiki - 2 vols complete
based on work of British civil engineer, John England, 1872
132,000 yen
Kawabata Gyokusho Album of Woodblock Prints
by Kawabata Gyokusho, c1880s
Illustrated Book of Insects
by Morimoto Tokaku, 1910
Illustrations by Hanzan
by Matsukawa Hanzan, 1894
Guide to Western Military Strategy in Dutch and Japanese
by Nakanishi Kiichiro, 1857
Large Book of Superb Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1870s
Fables Choisies De La Fontaine 2 vol.
by Pierre Barboutau, 1894
Shotaika Kacho Gafu
by Fukui Gessai, 1898
Sui no Futokoro
by Sagawa Mineji, 1862
Book of New Designs (Shin Hinagata)
by Katsushika Hokusai, c1870s
Ehon Towa Kagami
by Ejima Kiseki, 1729
Tobae Sangokushi
by Kajita Kansuke, 1903
Japanese Naval Officer Uniforms
publ. by the Ministry of the Navy, 1873
Traditional Occupations - Large Woodblock Printed Pair of Books
Matching pair. Artwork by Tachibana Minko., 1916
Pictures of Famous Places along the Tōkaidō (6 vol. complete set)
by Akisato Rito, 1797
Images of Many Things
Fabulous animals and plants., 1864
Shozoku Zushiki
Illustrated guide to 17th century Japanese clothing and accessories, 1692
Proposes use of whale oil as a pesticide, 1826
Gogyoko Zue - Woodblock Printed Book Showing Imperial Procession
Unusual and scarce work. Marked not for sale, 1863
Ehon Isaoshi Gusa
Superb woodblock printed books. Art by Kita Busei, 1838
Nishiki Fukuro Cho
Superb woodblock printed book of silk brocade tea caddy holders, 1921
Family Crest Design Album
Filled with almost 2000 different designs, 1903
Stunning pair of woodblock printed Jinbaori designs books, 1921
Kaigai Jinbutsu Shoden
Superb, complete set of 5 in almost fine condition, 1853

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