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Illustrated Japanese books

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Classic Japanese Gardens - Hedges and Stones
by Akisato Rito, 1827
Woodblock Printed Book of People and Nature
by Kitazume Yukei, 1879
44,000 yen
Kuretake - Japanese kimono design book
by Ichida Yaichiro, 1902
242,000 yen
Hanagata - Summer. Lovely, woodblock printed Kimono design book
by Yamashita Kosen, 1899
L'Aquarelliste Japonais - 4 issues
Each issue with 9 hand-painted watercolours, 1890
World Atlas by Hashimoto Gyokuransai
Superb with original paper sleeve, 1866
660,000 yen
Woodblock Printed Book of Fish and other Sea Creatures
Lovely work by Kitao Masayoshi (Kuwagata Keisai), c1910
99,000 yen
Scarce work on Westerners Living in Yokohama
One of the earliest such books ever published in Japan, 1861
220,000 yen
Japanese Proverbs and Pictures
Selected and edited by Frederick Starr, 1910
132,000 yen
Kishi Yohon - Illustrated book of Samurai Accessories
by Seki Goryu, 1813
55,000 yen
How to Make Japanese Color Prints
Yoshikawa Book Store, Yokohama, 1935
First Steps in Science
with descriptions of ambrotype and Daguerreotype process, c1870
44,000 yen
Golden Chopsticks and other Japanese Children's Songs
Scarce, woodblock printed book by Mrs. Maude Madden, 1904
110,000 yen
Group of three 19th Century Japanese Photography Publications
Illustrated catalogue and periodical, 1894-98
77,000 yen
Woodblock printed book by Suzuki Harunobu
Lovely folding orihon, c1910
121,000 yen
Watch and Clock Importer Favre-Brandt of Yokohama
Scarce, early, illustrated, product booklet, c1875
176,000 yen
Ginko Manga
Lovely pair of woodblock printed books by Adachi Ginko, 1902
88,000 yen
Hokusai Shashin Gafu
Lovely book showing nice selection of his art, 1891
121,000 yen
Fifty-Three Views of the Tokaido in Potted Tray Landscapes
Very scarce, original printing, 1848
187,000 yen
Kyosai Hyakki Gadan
Pictures of One Hundred Demons, 1895
605,000 yen
Hana Aoi - Large Format Kimono Design Book
100 Wonderful, woodblock printed designs, 1906
Keiran Gafu - Colour lithographs of orchids
Large, impressive work, 1888
275,000 yen
Illustrations from Noh Theatre plays
Lovely, woodblock printed orihon, 1902
66,000 yen
Kensarae Sumai Zue
Illustrated Account of Contests Between Hand-game Players, 1809
Catalogue of Imari Gold Porcelain Ware
Arita Tojiki Co., Ltd., c1940
132,000 yen
Ichiro Gafu
Woodblock printed book by Gakutei, c1900
88,000 yen
Shuko Monyo - Japanese Woodblock Printed Design Books
Complete set of 5 volumes, 1939-41
275,000 yen
Illustrated Catalogue - Night Bomb Shells
Woodblock Printed Book of Fireworks Samples, c1885
Imperial Japanese Navy Uniforms
Woodblock printed, coloured 2-volume set, 1873
Itcho Kyogashu - Caricatures by Hanabusa Itcho
Lovely, woodblock printed book, 1888
110,000 yen
Shin Zuan - New Designs
Woodblock printed by various artists, c1900
110,000 yen
Kinka Shichihenge 2 vols
with illustrations of cameras, 1870
77,000 yen
Shubi - Superb, Woodblock Printed Design Book
with 14 designs by 7 different artists, 1906
Kyogen Ga - Illustrations of Kyogen
by Ise Monsui, 1919
99,000 yen
Lilies of Japan
by The Yokohama Nursery Company Co., Ltd., 1922
330,000 yen
Photo Book of Ibaraki Prefecture
Filled with images of buildings, industry and people, 1907
77,000 yen
Illustrations from Japanese History
by Adachi Ginko, 1885
49,500 yen
Namima no Nishiki - Brocades of the Waves
Lovely coloured lithographs of various fish, 1884
110,000 yen
Yukata Design Book
by Keishokyo Sofu, 1927
44,000 yen
Kokkei Dochu Hizaguruma - Complete Set of 10 Books
by Kanagaki Robun, 1883
Hana Kagami - Woodblock Printed Masterpiece
by Kobayashi Gyokunen, 1904
1,540,000 yen
Shiki Nishiki - Stunning Large Format Design Book
by Shimomura Tamahiro, 1903
880,000 yen
Yokai in Japanese Art
by Yoshikawa Kanpo, 1936
77,000 yen
Japanese Book on Western Magic
by Yamada Kyotaro, 1897
77,000 yen
Superb Set of 3 Woodblock Printed Kimono Design Books
with 156 wonderful designs, 1886
Korin Shiki - Large Kimono Design Book
by Ueno Kiyoe, 1908
Illustrated Book of Artificial Flowers for Practical Use
Uncommon book by Ms. Haruko Yoshizumi, 1911
88,000 yen
Catalogue of Ivory Work
Tatsumiya (Toyoshichi Kato), 1907
55,000 yen
Practical Application of Perfume
by Niinuma Chiyoji, 1918
The Spirit of Missions - March 1860
with list of the first Protestant missionaries in Japan , 1860
33,000 yen

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