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Illustrated Japanese books

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Nishikawa Sukenobu - Beauties from Ancient Times
by Mizuno Isojiro, 1913
37,800 yen
A Garden of Celebrated Japanese and Chinese Paintings
by Ooka Shunboku, 1750
24,840 yen
Woodblock Printed Book by Masanobu Okumura
Bound accordion style with 15 diptychs, c1890
59,400 yen
Views of China by Kubota Beisen
Impressive volume in very good condition, 1889
86,400 yen
Record of Acupuncture Experiments on Living Things - Manuscript
by Osuka Yoshio (Ryogan), 1875
216,000 yen
Senryudo Gafu - Woodblock printed book of insects
by Takizawa Kiyoshi, 1903
48,600 yen
Sansui Gacho
published by Kogetsudo Bunsuke, 1835
30,240 yen
Divine Fantasy - Fascinating Woodblock Printed Book
by Miyatake Gaikotsu, 1910
48,600 yen
Niphon Gwafu - A Collection of Sketches by Japanese Artists
Edited by Matsumoto Fuko, 1891
97,200 yen
Unai no Tomo (Children's Toys)
by Shimizu Seifu, 1911
34,560 yen
Beautiful Kimono Design Book
Published by Yamada Unsodo, 1902
64,800 yen
Ehon Sakaegusa
by Katsukawa Shuncho (2 vol. complete), 1916
37,800 yen
Illustrated Book of Samurai Weaponry and Armour
by Inaba Michiyasu (2 vols. complete), 1771
74,520 yen
Kaigai Jinbutsu Shoden
Superb complete set of 5 in almost fine condition, 1853
216,000 yen
Stunning pair of woodblock printed Jinbaori designs books, 1921
Family Crest Design Album
Filled with almost 2000 different designs, 1903
37,800 yen
Nishiki Fukuro Cho
Superb woodblock printed book of silk brocade tea caddy holders, 1921
64,800 yen
Ehon Isaoshi Gusa
Superb woodblock printed books. Art by Kita Busei, 1838
162,000 yen
Gogyoko Zue - Woodblock Printed Book Showing Imperial Procession
Unusual and scarce work. Marked not for sale, 1863
45,360 yen
Proposes use of whale oil as a pesticide, 1826
68,040 yen
Shozoku Zushiki
Illustrated guide to 17th century Japanese clothing and accessories, 1692
31,500 yen
Images of Many Things
Fabulous animals and plants., 1864
97,200 yen
Pictures of Famous Places along the Tōkaidō (6 vol. complete set)
by Akisato Rito, 1797
162,000 yen
Traditional Occupations - Large Woodblock Printed Pair of Books
Matching pair. Artwork by Tachibana Minko., 1916
74,520 yen
Japanese Naval Officer Uniforms
publ. by the Ministry of the Navy, 1873
86,400 yen
Tobae Sangokushi
by Kajita Kansuke, 1903
39,960 yen
Hiroshige Gafu
by Utagawa Hiroshige (Ichiryusai Hiroshige hitsu), 1894
Ehon Towa Kagami
by Ejima Kiseki, 1729
64,800 yen
Book of New Designs (Shin Hinagata)
by Katsushika Hokusai, c1870s
64,800 yen
Sui no Futokoro
by Sagawa Mineji, 1862
48,600 yen
Shotaika Kacho Gafu
by Fukui Gessai, 1898
39,960 yen
Fables Choisies De La Fontaine 2 vol.
by Pierre Barboutau, 1894
Large Book of Superb Kimono Designs
Author unknown, c1870s
Guide to Western Military Strategy in Dutch and Japanese
by Nakanishi Kiichiro, 1857
162,000 yen
Illustrations by Hanzan
by Matsukawa Hanzan, 1894
29,160 yen
Illustrated Book of Insects
by Morimoto Tokaku, 1910
102,600 yen
Kawabata Gyokusho Album of Woodblock Prints
by Kawabata Gyokusho, c1880s
39,960 yen

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