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Japan related books in Western languages (published in Japan)

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Lilies of Japan
by The Yokohama Nursery Company Co., Ltd., 1907
Labor and Porcelain in Japan
by Thomas Van Buren, 1882
220,000 yen
The Guide to The Celebrated Places in Kiyoto [Kyoto] & The Surrounding Places
by Yamamoto Kakuma, c1877
Oyuchasan - Scarce plain paper edition
by Lieutenant F.M. Bostwick, US Navy, 1890
154,000 yen
The Mitsui Ginko - A Handbook for 1897
Scarce English edition, 1896
88,000 yen
Strangers in Strange Lands
Translated by Dr. Humour, 1902
55,000 yen
The Enchanted Waterfall
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1892
The Ogres of Oyeyama
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1891
The Coins of Japan by William Bramsen
Scarce publication, 1880
143,000 yen
Japanese Chronological Tables by William Bramsen
Scarce, comprehensive book, 1880
154,000 yen
The Eruption of Bandai-San - With a Coloured Plan
Reprinted from the 'Japan Daily Mail', 1888
99,000 yen
The Offical Guide-Book to Kyoto and the Allied Prefectures
Probably the most comprehensive pre-1900 guide book to Kyoto in English, 1895
Catalogue of Woodcut Color Prints
by Shozaburo Watanabe, 1951
110,000 yen
The Soshi Bushi - Japanese Soshis' Song
Rare Large Format Crepe Paper Book by Jujiya & Co., 1898
Nishimura Sozayemon Kyoto Promotional Booklet
with 3 colour woodblock prints. Marked Not for Sale., c1892
Bushido by Foreign Writers
edited by Matsuura Yosamatsu, 1904
Floral Japan by Flora Sweet
The scarcest of Akiyama's large format crepe paper books, 1896
385,000 yen
Ceremonial Japan by Dolly Belle
Published by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1896
The Jesuit Mission Press in Japan 1591-1610
by Ernest Mason Satow, 1888
The Chrysanthemum - A Monthly Magazine for Japan and the Far East
Complete set of 3 volumes, 1881-83
198,000 yen
The First Century of the Church in Japan
Translated from the Dutch and Annotated by F. Warrington Eastlake, 1884
110,000 yen
Ancien Japon
par G. Appert avec H. Kinoshita, 1888
88,000 yen
Outdoor Games by F. W. Strange
The first English book on sport published in Japan, 1883
The Numismatic & Philatelic Journal of Japan (1st six issues)
by H. A. Ramsden, 1913
55,000 yen
Wrestlers & Wrestling in Japan by W. K. Burton
with a Historical and Descriptive Account by J. Inouye, 1895
A Synopsis of all the Conjugations of the Japanese Verbs
by G. F. Verbeck, 1887
44,000 yen
Musashino - 31 issues of Imperial Hotel Tokyo Magazine in English
Fascinating articles and information about guests and events, 1911-16
The Temples and Shrines of Nikko, Japan
by Robery Charles Hope, F.S.A., F.R.S.L., 1896
Yoshizawa & Co. Price-List of Japanese Postage Stamps, Cards and Rrappers
Very scarce booklet, 1895
44,000 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan - 3rd edition
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1887
154,000 yen
A Brief History of the Glyptic Art and Architecture of Japan
by Yamanaka & Co., 1902
55,000 yen
Report of a Visit to the Central Silk Districts of Japan
by F. O. Adams, Esq., 1869
Catalogue of a Very Rare and Valuable Collection of Old Chinese Porcelain and Curios
and a Quantity of Old Silk Embroideries, 1889
27,500 yen
A Biographical Sketch of Rev. Nathan Brown, D.D.
by Albert Arnold Bennett, 1895
44,000 yen
Kyoto Higher Technical School
Specially Printed for The Panama–Pacific International Exposition, 1914
44,000 yen
Life Scenes of Japan
by Leo Marescaux. Scarce 4th edition., 1957
77,000 yen
A Guide to Osaka Japan
with numerous illustrations and advertisements, 1913
44,000 yen
Japanese Proverbs and Pictures
Selected and edited by Frederick Starr, 1910
Japanese Fairy Tale Series No.1 - Momotaro
published by The Kobunsha for Griffith Farran , 1885
A Guide on Hakone
tr. by Chiju Tsuchiya, 1899
44,000 yen
Catalogue of The Exhibition of Paintings of Hokusai
the first exhibition of Hokusai works held in Japan, 1901
1,320,000 yen
Pair of Illustrated Books - Tokio Industrial Exhibition
edited & published by Otsu Toyonori, 1907
44,000 yen
Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese
Done into English Verse by Shotaro Kimura & Charlotte M. A. Peake, 1908-1937
99,000 yen
Tochio's Computation on the Soroban
by Tochio Kintaro, 1912
55,000 yen
Japanese Police - Unrecorded Illustrated Photo Book
Published in the year police and mobs killed many Koreans, 1923
275,000 yen
Street Scenes of Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning work with art by Hiroshige, 1908
Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Japan Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to Formosa
by Chamberlain and Mason, 1899
Journal of the National English Language Association - 34 issues
by F. Warrington Eastlake, 1888-90
66,000 yen
General Catalogue of Plants, Bulbs, Seeds & etc
The Tokio Nurseries, 1896
Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism 3rd ed.
Crepe Paper book by Paul Carus, 1896
66,000 yen

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