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Japan related books in Western languages (published in Japan)

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Public Works in Japan
A Souvenir of the San Francisco International Grand Exposition, 1915
66,000 yen
The Inter-Oceanic Canal of Nicaragua. Its Probable Influence Upon Japan.
by Captain H. C. Taylor, 1891
121,000 yen
The Seismological Journal of Japan Vols. 1-3
edited by John Milne, F.R.S., 1893-94
165,000 yen
Musical Japan by Miss Dulcie Harmony
Published by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1895
165,000 yen
Little Songs of Shade and Sunshine
On hosho paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1908
99,000 yen
Japanese Studies by H.G. Ponting
Inscribed by Tokyo Mayoress, Yei Theodora Ozaki, 1906
110,000 yen
Report of the Commissioner of the Imperial Mint
5 issues covering the early years, 1879-84
99,000 yen
Kyoto. Compliments of Kyoto Exhibitors' Association
Published for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893
154,000 yen
Famous Story of Forty-Seven Ronins
The Japan Guide Association, Yokohama, c1912
38,500 yen
Street Scenes of Old Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning crepe paper book with art by Hiroshige, 1908
132,000 yen
Les Laques et La Ceramique du Japon
Published in connection with the Paris Exposition Universelle, 1879
187,000 yen
The Favorite Flowers of Japan - 3rd ed.
by Mary E. Unger, 1911
132,000 yen
The Club Hotel, Limited. Guide Book of Yokohama, Tokyo
and the Principal Places in Japan, c1901
77,000 yen
An Itinerary of Hokkaido Japan
Presented by The Hakodate Chamber of Commerce, 1893
550,000 yen
Epitome of the Ancient History of Japan
Including a Guide Book by N. McLeod, 1875
220,000 yen
The Japan Directory for 1891
Published and printed at the Japan Gazette, Yokohama, 1891
275,000 yen
Note Explicative sur La Tenture de Mur 'Tsuzure-Nishiki'
Destinée à la Décoration du Palais de la Paix, c1913
99,000 yen
Lester the Loyalist - A Romance of the Founding of Canada
by Douglas Sladen, 1890
77,000 yen
Japan Fisheries Special Catalogue
Imperial Fisheries Bureau, 1910
66,000 yen
Notes on the Coal and Other Mines Owned by the Mitsui Mining Company
St. Louis Exhibition Edition, 1904
44,000 yen
Transactions of The Asiatic Society of Japan
Vol. VI - Part I Oct. 1877- Jan 1878, 1878
88,000 yen
Don Juan's Grandson in Japan - with notes for the globe-trotter's benefit
Edited by A. Miall (J. Murdoch), 1890
143,000 yen
Japan, Australia and New Zealand
Large, scarce book filled with illustrations, 1936
66,000 yen
Report of a Visit to the Central Silk Districts of Japan
by F. O. Adams, Esq., 1869
143,000 yen
The Great Earthquake in Japan 1891
by H. Tennant, 1892
275,000 yen
History of the Concordia Club of Kobe
Important, illustrated work, 1929
110,000 yen
Guide to Yokohama and Tokio
A. Farsari & Co., 1888
154,000 yen
The Illustrated Catalogue - N.Yamamoto, Yokohama
Silk embroidered products, c1907
77,000 yen
How the 'Social Evil' is Regulated in Japan
Scarce, informative work on prostitution, c1899
55,000 yen
Japan and Her Exhibits
at the Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition at Philadelphia, 1926
55,000 yen
Exercises in the Yokohama Dialect
Humorous Japanese language study book, 1879
176,000 yen
The Criminal Code of Japan
translated by J.E. De Becker, 1907
66,000 yen
Destructive Earthquakes in Japan
One of the earliest papers in English on the subject, 1878
44,000 yen
Conversations in Japanese & English (with a Copious Vocabulary)
by F. Lowder, 1867
165,000 yen
The Unitarian Movement in Japan
Sketches of the Lives and Religious Work of Ten Representative Japanese Unitarians, 1900
165,000 yen
Transactions of The Asiatic Society of Japan
Five volumes covering 1874-1878, 1874-1878
330,000 yen
Verdant Simple's Views of Japan or the Contents of His Note Book
by Grenon, 1890
99,000 yen
Kawakami's Henna Reader
Woodblock printed by Kawakami Sumio, 1934
55,000 yen
Asiatic Station - Squadron Routine, General Orders, Circulars
including mention of 2 oz. of whiskey in the Medical Emergency Box, 1890
55,000 yen
Programme of Entertainment
in honour of H.I.H. Prince Tsai Hsun, 1910
110,000 yen
A General Report on the Geology of Yesso
by Benjamin Smith Lyman, 1877
44,000 yen
Japanese Odes with Explanations
translated ito English by F.V. Dickins, 1898
33,000 yen
Wrestlers & Wrestling in Japan by W. K. Burton
with a Historical and Descriptive Account by J. Inouye, 1895
550,000 yen
Pictures of A Hundred Eminent Japanese Ancient & Modern
2 vols. by Miki Teiichi and tr. by Takahashi Gorō, 1887 & 1890
385,000 yen
A Concise History of the War Between Japan and China
by Jukichi Inouye, 1895
99,000 yen
The Far East - Scarce, Complete run of the first year 1870-71 (24 issues)
with over 120 original photographs, 1870-71
4,950,000 yen
A Buddhist Catechism
by Henry S. Olcott, 1887
66,000 yen
A New Geography of Japan for the Upper Forms of Schools and Colleges
by C.B. Mitford, F.R.G.S., 1905
27,500 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan - 4th edition
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1890
187,000 yen
Some Japanese Flowers by Kazumasa Ogawa
Special edition with 37 chromo-collotype photo plates, 1897
660,000 yen

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