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Japan related books in Western languages (published in Japan)

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Yoshizawa & Co. Price-List of Japanese Postage Stamps, Cards and Rrappers
Very scarce booklet, 1895
44,000 yen
Keeling's Guide to Japan - 3rd edition
the First Comprehensive English Guidebook Published in Japan, 1887
154,000 yen
A Brief History of the Glyptic Art and Architecture of Japan
by Yamanaka & Co., 1902
55,000 yen
Report of a Visit to the Central Silk Districts of Japan
by F. O. Adams, Esq., 1869
Catalogue of a Very Rare and Valuable Collection of Old Chinese Porcelain and Curios
and a Quantity of Old Silk Embroideries, 1889
27,500 yen
A Biographical Sketch of Rev. Nathan Brown, D.D.
by Albert Arnold Bennett, 1895
44,000 yen
Kyoto Higher Technical School
Specially Printed for The Panama–Pacific International Exposition, 1914
44,000 yen
Life Scenes of Japan
by Leo Marescaux. Scarce 4th edition., 1957
77,000 yen
A Guide to Osaka Japan
with numerous illustrations and advertisements, 1913
44,000 yen
Japanese Fairy Tale Series No.1 - Momotaro
published by The Kobunsha for Griffith Farran , 1885
A Guide on Hakone
tr. by Chiju Tsuchiya, 1899
44,000 yen
Catalogue of The Exhibition of Paintings of Hokusai
the first exhibition of Hokusai works held in Japan, 1901
1,320,000 yen
Pair of Illustrated Books - Tokio Industrial Exhibition
edited & published by Otsu Toyonori, 1907
44,000 yen
Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese
Done into English Verse by Shotaro Kimura & Charlotte M. A. Peake, 1908-1937
99,000 yen
Tochio's Computation on the Soroban
by Tochio Kintaro, 1912
55,000 yen
Japanese Police - Unrecorded Illustrated Photo Book
Published in the year police and mobs killed many Koreans, 1923
275,000 yen
Street Scenes of Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning work with art by Hiroshige, 1908
Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Japan Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to Formosa
by Chamberlain and Mason, 1899
Journal of the National English Language Association - 34 issues
by F. Warrington Eastlake, 1888-90
General Catalogue of Plants, Bulbs, Seeds & etc
The Tokio Nurseries, 1896
Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism 3rd ed.
Crepe Paper book by Paul Carus, 1896
66,000 yen
Orienta Azio - Four issues of Esperanto Gazette printed hectographically
by Harada Takeyoshi, 1913-14
121,000 yen
The Japan Punch - August 1876
by Charles Wirgman, 1876
77,000 yen
The Battle of the Monkey and the Crab - Japanese Fairy Tale in English
Plain paper edition in fine condition, 1886
66,000 yen
La bataille du singe et du crabe - Japanese Fairy Tale in French
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1885
88,000 yen
Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism (1st ed)
Crepe paper book by Paul Carus, 1895
The Ogre's Arm - Plain paper edition with full fold-up page
tr. by Mrs. T. H. James, 1889
110,000 yen
Schippeitaro - Plain paper edition
tr. by Mrs. T. H. James, 1889
The Cub's Triumph - Plain paper edition with movable door
tr. by Mrs. T. H. James, 1887
77,000 yen
The Matsuyama Mirror - Plain paper edition
tr. by Mrs. T. H. James, 1886
The Serpent With Eight Heads - Plain Paper Edition
tr. by Basil Hall Chamberlain, 1886
The Months of Japanese Ladies - for 1904
Very scarce plain paper edition. Artwork by Arai Yoshimune., 1903
Japanese Calendar with Verses by Osman Edwards (1898)
Very scarce plain paper edition, 1898
Momotaro - The Japanese Fairy Tales - For School and Home Use
Orig. tr. by David Thompson & Ed. by Mrs. T. H. James, 1887
The Silk Industry of Japan
Showing the various stages of silk production from the worm to the finished article, c1920
A Historical Sketch of The College of Agriculture - Tohoku Imperial University
founded by William Smith Clark, 1915
44,000 yen
The Japan Punch - 1876
by Charles Wirgman, 1876
88,000 yen
Collection of Hiroshige's Masterpieces (in Original Box)
by Hasegawa Takejiro, c1910
66,000 yen
Masterpieces by Jakuchu with Biographical Sketch of the Artist
by Tajima Shiichi, 1904
Cach Cach Yama (Kachi-Kachi Yama)
tr. by John Alfred, c1895
66,000 yen
Little Poems from Japanese Anthologies
Rendered into English verse by Evaleen Stein, 1922
77,000 yen
Illustrations of Japanese Life
50 photos by Ogawa Kazumasa, c1899
Fibel oder der Schreib - und Lese - Unterricht
German language reading and writing primer., 1902
44,000 yen
Early German Language Study Book for Japanese Learners
edited by Haraguchi Ryuzo, 1884
The Illustrated Hand-Book of S. Iida, Takashimaya's Silks and Embroideries
Lovely example in fine condition, 1900
Au Japon - Les Raconteurs Publics
Elusive, large plain paper edition, 1899
French-Japanese Phrase Book
by Hashizume Kan'ichi, 1870
The Story of Coodles - The Only Coodles
Scarce crepe paper book by Charles & Susan M. Bowles, 1893
132,000 yen
Eight Japanese Crepe Paper Fairy Tales in original box
Very scarce and obscure Osaka editions, 1900
Shita Kiri Suzume - Japanese Fairy Tale in French
Very scarce true 1st edition in plain brown covers., 1885

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