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Japan related books in Western languages (published in Japan)

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Group of Four Kabuki Programmes in English
Early and scarce, 1901-03
55,000 yen
Guide Book for Yokohama and Immediate Vicinity
published by The Grand Hotel, c1905
44,000 yen
Street Scenes of Old Japan - Calendar for 1909
Stunning crepe paper book with art by Hiroshige, 1908
132,000 yen
The Japan Chronicle - History of Kobe
and reminiscent interviews with old residents, 1918
99,000 yen
Famous Story of Forty-Seven Ronins
The Japan Guide Association, Yokohama, c1912
38,500 yen
Uncommon Guide Book to Kyoto
with 120 illustrations, 1903
88,000 yen
The Japanese Parlor Magic
by O.Kai & Co, Yokohama, Japan, c1890
Kyoto. Compliments of Kyoto Exhibitors' Association
Published for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893
165,000 yen
Illustrated Catalogue of S. Kuwada & Sons
Fascinating photographic equipment catalogue, 1901
165,000 yen
Report of the Commissioner of the Imperial Mint
5 issues covering the early years, 1879-84
99,000 yen
Japanese Studies by H.G. Ponting
Inscribed by Tokyo Mayoress, Yei Theodora Ozaki, 1906
110,000 yen
Little Songs of Shade and Sunshine
On hosho paper by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1908
99,000 yen
Japanische Dichtungen Weissaster
Very scarce plain (hosho) paper edition, 1895
176,000 yen
Musical Japan by Miss Dulcie Harmony
Published by Akiyama Aisaburo, 1895
143,000 yen
Dichtergrusse aus dem Osten
Very scarce plain (hosho) paper edition, 1906
Japanese Proverbs and Pictures
Selected and edited by Frederick Starr, 1910
77,000 yen
The Evangelization of Japan & Les Geshikuya Au Japon
by Claudius Ferrand, 1904-05
On Hokusai's Daily Exorcisms
edited and published by Murayama Shungo, 1906
121,000 yen
The Favorite Flowers of Japan - 2nd ed.
by Mary E. Unger, 1906
Stranger's Handbook of the Japanese Language
Very scarce guide book with important advertisements, 1893
Dutch Military Manual published in Japan
Scarce rangaku work, 1857
The Seismological Journal of Japan Vols. 1-3
edited by John Milne, F.R.S., 1893-94
165,000 yen
The Military Triumphal Review - After the Russo-Japanese War
Photographed and published by Kazumasa Ogawa, 1906
Resume historique de L'industrie Sericicole du Japon
Lovely book on Japan's sericulture (silk) industry, 1911
The Inter-Oceanic Canal of Nicaragua. Its Probable Influence Upon Japan.
by Captain H. C. Taylor, 1891
121,000 yen
Public Works in Japan
A Souvenir of the San Francisco International Grand Exposition, 1915
66,000 yen
Catalogue of Japanese Color Prints, Collected by Mr. Joseph R. Herod
Dated and Criticised by Mr. Ernest F. Fenollosa, 1898
77,000 yen
Tokio City
Special Edition for the Panama Pacific International Exhibition, 1915
66,000 yen
Marriage Customs in Japan
by Watanabe Genjiro, 1904
66,000 yen
A Pictorial - Shizuokaken Tea Industry
Preface by Yenichiro [En'ichiro] Nakamura, 1931
55,000 yen
Notes for Tourists to Miyanoshita and The Immediate Vicinity
with compliments of The Fujiya Hotel, c1910
38,500 yen
Three Shell Catalogues by Yoichiro Hirase
Very scarce, 1903-08
143,000 yen
Complete Set of 10 Japanese Fairy Tales on Crepe Paper in Spanish
In original box and tissue sleeves, 1914
The Transformation of Mother Earth from Nature to Art
Photo book of pottery process by Takagi Teijiro, 1907
Views of Kyoto - with compliments of the Kyoto Hotel
Illustrated and with numerous advertisements, c1901
Art for Art's Sake - Tamamura's Productions in Esthetic Art
Scarce, illustrated company brochure by Kozaburo Tamamura, c1910
Catalogue of Photographs, Stereopticons, Magic Lanterns and Slides
Matsuchi Nakajima Studio, c1900
Aino Fairy Tales - The Hunter in Fairy-Land
by B. H. Chamberlain, 1887
110,000 yen
Hereward - The Last of the English
by Charles Kingsley, 1902
66,000 yen
Motoring in Japan by Thomas B. Blow
The first English description of driving in Japan, 1911
121,000 yen
Hints to Tourists on Curio Buying
by Deakin Bros. & Co., c1892
66,000 yen
Useful Notes and Itineraries for Travelling in Japan
by The Welcome Society (Kihin Kai), 1907
The Souvenir Guide to Osaka and the Fifth National Industrial Exhibition
with many illustrations and fold-outs, 1903
Pocket Guide to Japan
Nice guide in very good condition, 1925
The Parlor Magic by O. Kai & Co.
Woodblock printed magic game, c1890
The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement
Complete with the 14 large colour woodblock prints, 1891
275,000 yen
The Constitution of Japan
First English translation of the Meiji Constitution, 1889
110,000 yen
Fables Choisies de Florian
Matching Two-Volume Pair by Pierre Barboutau, 1895
165,000 yen
The Great Earthquake of 1894
A Complete Report of the Effects of the Recent Great Earthquake, 1894
Twelve Bronze Falcons
Exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition Chicago, 1893

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