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Group of three 19th Century Japanese Photography Publications
Illustrated catalogue and periodical, 1894-98
77,000 yen
Paragon Embroidery Co. - Japanese Silk Export Catalogue
In fine condition with unused inserts, 1913
154,000 yen
Japan-British Exhibition Official Catalogue
Scarce, comprehensive book listing all Japanese exhibitors, 1910
Japan Fisheries Special Catalogue
Imperial Fisheries Bureau, 1910
66,000 yen
Catalogue of Exhibition - Japanese Prints and Illustrated Books
at Rooms of Grolier Club, New York, 1889
44,000 yen
Catalogue of Imari Gold Porcelain Ware
Arita Tojiki Co., Ltd., c1940
132,000 yen
Illustrated Catalogue - Night Bomb Shells
Woodblock Printed Book of Fireworks Samples, c1885
Catalogue of Japanese Artists' Materials
by Bunkio Matsuki, 1904
88,000 yen
Lectures on Japanese Art Work
by Ernest Hart, 1887
55,000 yen
Catalogue of Ivory Work
Tatsumiya (Toyoshichi Kato), 1907
55,000 yen
Illustrated Catalogue of S. Kuwada & Sons
Fascinating photographic equipment catalogue, 1901
165,000 yen
Illustrated Camera Catalogue
Kimbei Photo Studio, 1906
Catalogue of Japanese Color Prints, Collected by Mr. Joseph R. Herod
Dated and Criticised by Mr. Ernest F. Fenollosa, 1898
77,000 yen
Three Shell Catalogues by Yoichiro Hirase
Very scarce, 1903-08
143,000 yen
Catalogue of Photographs, Stereopticons, Magic Lanterns and Slides
Matsuchi Nakajima Studio, c1900
A. A. Vantine & Co. Illustrated Catalogue - Retail
Scarce pre-1900 catalogue, c1895
121,000 yen
Catalogue of Woodcut Color Prints
by Shozaburo Watanabe, 1951
110,000 yen
Catalogue of a Very Rare and Valuable Collection of Old Chinese Porcelain and Curios
and a Quantity of Old Silk Embroideries, 1889
27,500 yen
Asanuma Photographic Mount Catalogue
with samples including studios of Ueno Hikoma and Kusakabe Kimbei, 1903
Catalogue of The Exhibition of Paintings of Hokusai
the first exhibition of Hokusai works held in Japan, 1901
1,320,000 yen
Japanese Exhibition Catalogue on crepe paper
by Louis Williams, 1896
176,000 yen
The Amateur's Companion Containing the List of Kodaks, other hand cameras etc.
by T. G. Asanuma, 1901
44,000 yen
General Catalogue of Plants, Bulbs, Seeds & etc
The Tokio Nurseries, 1896
Illustrated Exhibition Catalogue of the Art Collection of Ryukyu Prince Sho Jun
Prince (later Baron) Sho Jun was killed in the Battle of Okinawa, 1940
Important and Unique Manuscript Catalogue Album of Japanese Folding Screens (Byobu)
with 55 exquisite, hand-drawn and hand-coloured designs, c1870
3,300,000 yen
Catalogue of Japanese Carved Wood Furniture
Kuhn & Komor, c1910
Price List of Japanese Bulbs, Plants, Seeds, etc. Exported by Louis Boehmer 1892
Published by Hasegawa Takejiro, 1892
Japanese Swords
by Yamanaka & Co., 1913
49,500 yen
Ancient Masks
by Yamanaka & Co., 1913
49,500 yen

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