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Illustrated Japanese scrolls & paintings

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Hanging Scroll of Skeletons Entertaining Themselves
Fascinating work, c1900
99,000 yen
Hand Painted Folding Fan Signed by Dirk Gozeman of Dejima, Nagasaki
Unique item with original paper sleeve and box, c1810
330,000 yen
Hand Drawn Illustration of Two Dogs
by photographer and artist Shimooka Renjo, c1850
275,000 yen
Scroll in Dutch written by Rangaku Scholar Yoshio Shunzo
Signed and dated, 1825
220,000 yen
Flags of the Different Daimios of Japan
Wonderful scroll in Japanese and English, c1866
385,000 yen
Dutch Ship on Hand-painted Card
by Keisui?, c1850
55,000 yen
Important and Unique Manuscript Catalogue Album of Japanese Folding Screens (Byobu)
with 55 exquisite, hand-drawn and hand-coloured designs, c1870
3,300,000 yen
Scroll with Nine Historical Maps showing Daimyo Lands
Hand drawn and coloured with lords and provinces all named, c1840
Stunning Unmounted Scroll of Samurai Armour Yoroi Odoshige
Original by Arai Hakuseki , 1785
Hand drawn Illustrated Album by Hikita Uryu
Impressive album depicting characters from Japanese legends, c1840
220,000 yen
Illustrated Shugendo Scroll
by highly skilled artist, 1803
Dejima Painting on Parchment
Magnificent depiction in colour, c1850s
143,000 yen
Original World's Columbian Exposition Award
Presented to Jiubei Komatsu, Oita, Japan, 1893

1 - 13 of 13 :