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Japan related books in Western languages (published outside Japan)

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Japanese Collectors and What They Collect
by Frederick Starr, 1921
66,000 yen
The Influence of Japanese Art on English Design
by Charles Holme, F.L.S., 1890
Official Catalogue of Exhibits - Department of Art
Universal Exposition St. Louis, 1904
77,000 yen
In Memory of Mrs. Sarah Lizzie Shaw who Died at Kobe, Japan
Scarce booklet commemorating life of young lady, 1882
55,000 yen
Through Manchuria and Chosen
South Manchuria Railway Co., 1924
Official Catalogue of Exhibits - World's Columbian Exhibition
Deaprtment K - Fine Arts (including the Japanese exhibitors), 1893
The Fairy Foxes - A Chinese Legend
Very scarce first edition published in Shanghai, 1890
Angel Island - The Ellis Island of the West
Immigration Station for Chinese, Japanese, and more, 1917
121,000 yen
Arts and Artists Japanese
Scarce, obscure art magazine, 1902
66,000 yen
Large Format Photo of the Hafuya Hotel in Hakone
Lovely image with hotel staff, c1885
88,000 yen
Vijf Jaren in Japan (1857-1863). [Five Years in Japan]
by J.C.L. Pompe van Meerdervoort, 1867-68
770,000 yen
Mijn Verblijf in Japan - My Sojourn in Japan
by C.T. Van Assendelft de Coningh, 1856
495,000 yen
Chiushingura or The Loyal League - A Japanese Romance
Translated by Frederick V. Dickins, 1876
66,000 yen
Japan-British Exhibition Official Catalogue
Scarce, comprehensive book listing all Japanese exhibitors, 1910
Westward to the Far East
A Guide to the Principal Cities in China and Japan, 1893
99,000 yen
Catalogue of Exhibition - Japanese Prints and Illustrated Books
at Rooms of Grolier Club, New York, 1889
44,000 yen
Melbourne to Tokio. Notes by the Way.
by W. Daish, M.D., 1900
88,000 yen
Catalogue of Japanese Artists' Materials
by Bunkio Matsuki, 1904
88,000 yen
Excursion A Kioto - Capitale du Japon
par A. Pâris - Lieutenant de Vaisseau, 1869
Old English Nursery Rhymes
Japanned by Yoshio Markino, 1915
220,000 yen
Burri-Burri Gitcho - A Japanese Swinging Bat Game
by Stewart Culin, 1925
44,000 yen
Jardine Matheson & Co. Ltd. - An Outline of the History of a China House for a Hundred Years 1832-1932
by John Steuart, 1934
110,000 yen
Lectures on Japanese Art Work
by Ernest Hart, 1887
55,000 yen
A Curious Aino Toy
by Edward Sylvester Morse, 1893
Yoshiwara: The Nightless City
Secretly published for the Erotic Society of Japan, 1907
330,000 yen
The Costume of China, Illustrated by Sixty Engravings
by George Henry Mason, 1800
990,000 yen
Supplement to the Daily Commercial News and Shipping List Annual Review
With stamp of F. Kanematsu, Sydney, 1898
77,000 yen
The Stolen Prince - A Legend of Old Japan
by Mrs Hugh Fraser, 1905
A. A. Vantine & Co. Illustrated Catalogue - Retail
Scarce pre-1900 catalogue, c1895
121,000 yen
Log of a Japanese Journey from the Province of Tosa to the Capital
by Tsurayuki with illustrations by Toshio Aoki, 1891
Fugaku Hiyaku-kei or A Hundred Views of Fuji (Fusiyama) by Hokusai
by Frederick Victor Dickins, 1880
Rambles Through Japan Without a Guide
by Albert Tracy (pseudonym of Albert Leffingwell M.D.), 1892
77,000 yen
Considerations of Representative Government
Copy of Ernest Mason Satow with his bookplate and signature, 1861
Group of 6 Lovely Japonisme Calendars
published by various Italian companies, 1903-20
Statutes of the Japan-Hellenic Association
Very scarce, early booklet, 1921
55,000 yen
Samples of Handmade Japanese Vellum
by the Japan Paper Company, 1921
Japan-British Exhibition Official Guide
Illustrated and complete with folding map, 1910
Chinese - Japanese Cook Book
By Sara Bosse & Onoto Watanna, 1914
Japanese Goldfish
by Hugh M. Smith, 1909
The Practical Photographer Jan-Dec 1896. Japanese Double Number
edited by Matthew Surface, 1896
385,000 yen
An English and Japanese and Japanese and English Vocabulary. Compiled from native works.
by Walter Henry Medhurst, 1830
Japanese Colour-Prints
by P. Neville Barnett, 1936
Japan and the Japanese
by Aime Humbert, 1874
Japanese Odes with Translations
by Frederick Victor Dickins - a clean, bright copy, 1866
A Queer People
by L.R.L. [Fannie Roper Feudge], ND [1881]
33,000 yen
At Sea and Ashore - A Visit to Japan in 1860 on the U.S. Frigate
by H. P. Blanchard, 1878
Japanese Swords
by Yamanaka & Co., 1913
49,500 yen
Ancient Masks
by Yamanaka & Co., 1913
49,500 yen

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